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Residential Outdoor Lighting in Dayton and Cincinnati

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You’ve put in a lot of work and dedication to creating the home of your dreams. From the interior to the exterior, every piece is uniquely you. Often times, in the midst of creating your dream space, outdoor lighting is left out of the equation. When it comes to enhancing your Dayton home’s overall curb appeal, many homeowners in Dayton agree that you can’t go wrong with residential landscape lighting.

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At , we provide reliable and high-quality outdoor lighting solutions to the locals of Dayton and the surrounding areas. From highlighting architectural details to providing ambient lighting for entertaining guests after the sun has gone done, investing in quality outdoor lighting design can give your home exactly what it may have been missing.

Professional Lighting Design & Installation

At Outdoor Lighting Perspective, we are committed to providing reliable lighting design and installation services to the locals of Dayton and beyond! From your consultation to installation, our OLP lighting experts will be with you every step of the way. We won’t rest until we find a lighting solution that helps you achieve your design goals while leaving you with a lighting design we are confident that you will continue to love year after year.

Some reasons why homeowners choose to add additional outdoor lighting:

  • Entertaining – If you have a deck or patio that goes dark after the sun goes down, we can add a variety of lighting fixtures, such as string lighting, to provide ambient lighting so you can keep the party going long after the sun has gone down.
  • Safety – Whether you’re looking to add lighting to your pool or your walkways, there is a variety of lights our professionals can use to increase your home’s overall safety for your family and visitors alike.
  • Curb Appeal – One of the biggest reasons behind adding new residential outdoor lighting is to increase your curb appeal. From visitors to neighbors to passersby, outdoor lighting can truly transform the design of your home after the sun has gone down.
  • Protect Your Home – Did you know that outdoor lighting decreases your chance of getting unwanted visitors at your home? By adding specific lighting to your home, you’re ensuring every part is lit at night – reducing your chance of intruders snooping into your home.

No matter the reason, your professional lighting expert will take time to understand your goals and design a lighting system that exceeds your expectations! When it comes to enhancing the overall beauty and functionality of your property, outdoor lighting continues to be one of the best options. We understand how vital this lighting can be to not only the design, but the safety of your home, and we never take this lightly.

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Our lighting services extend far beyond our design help. In addition, we provide full-service installation options that can help ensure you are receiving the best in outdoor lighting.

Some of the reasons why we are chosen over the competition in Dayton include:

  • Design Consultation – Our in-person design consultation will work with you to create a unique and personal design plan, specific to what you are looking for your home’s overall style.
  • Nighttime Demo – Before your installation, our experts will set up temporary demo lighting, so you can make sure you are completely in love with the design.
  • Pre-Existing Lighting Upgrades – Already have outdoor lighting fixtures? Don’t worry – our experts can upgrade your current system to modern and sleek LED lighting to further the enhancement of your home.
  • Annual Maintenance Plans – To help make sure you’re never left in the dark, our services extend far beyond installation. We will make sure your outdoor lights are performing their absolute best with routine maintenance.

When you turn to , you can rest assured that you are receiving high-quality lighting services every time. From design to installation to maintenance, our services are designed to leave you with outdoor lighting that is not only functional, but is also a great addition to your home’s overall design!

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