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Commercial Landscape Lighting in Suffolk County

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How can commercial outdoor lighting upgrade your Suffolk County business? Glad you asked! Local businesses install outdoor lighting and landscape lighting for myriad reasons. Some proprietors want to add an extra layer of protection for their property, or safety for their patrons visiting the premises at night. Some are hoping to spice up the ambience of their commercial nightlife with a warm and inviting glow by installing overhead string lights. Some primarily want to improve accessibility to their business for employees and customers alike. Whatever reason compels your business to pursue installing commercial outdoor lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island has your aesthetic and functional needs covered. OLP has years of experience helping our fellow local business owners to transform their commercial property into something more secure and spectacular! We offer a free consultation, superior lighting fixtures, the best techs in the business, and the best maintenance plans in the business! All of this to offer you the extra edge against your competitors and taking one extra task off your plate.

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Satisfying a Wide Variety of Industries with Our Professional Commercial Landscape Lighting

Depending on what you are looking to do, there are plenty of outdoor lighting designs to choose from. With a comprehensive set of designs, we can work with any type of setup. We can flank the walkways surrounding your commercial space with practical lighting solutions. We can install energy-efficient LED fixtures, warm incandescent lights, or color-changing bulbs that can be virtually operated and adjusted. We set up string lights around your patio or deck, or employ lighting in other stimulating ways, like casting shadows on shrubs, trees, and landscaping accents.

Our outdoor and landscape lighting options are endlessly customizable. The following are just a few exemplary industries we install commercial outdoor and landscape lighting for:

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  • Upscale eateries – For chic restaurants, ambience is key. That is why our design team is such an integral component of our operations. Implement the right lighting and attract more customers by exponentially improving your visual appeal.
  • Wedding, music, and other event venues – Aesthetically stylized lighting is also a vital attribute for special events venues. Without the proper setting and mood, the entire evening can change. Do not limit the possibilities of captivating your customers. Let us help you establish a gorgeously lit outdoor setting.
  • Hotels, resorts, and Airbnbs – When it comes to choosing sleeping accommodations, visual appeal can be an incredibly central selling point. Today, travelers curate their vacations to align with aesthetic considerations. Improve your marketing and satisfy your guests by renovating your outdoor lighting situation.
  • Country clubs, golf courses, & amusement parks – Many outdoor recreational activities are extremely pleasant when experienced at night. Do not constrain your hours of operation by lacking sufficient outdoor lighting. Invest in outdoor and landscape lighting and stay open later.
  • Shopping centers, museums, and outdoor malls – It is unwise to allow your customers to risk nighttime injuries by walking in the dark. Underlit areas can be a common cause of lawsuits, too. Protect your business and patrons alike by installing functional lighting systems.
  • Homeowner associations & apartment complexes – Make sure your residential community feels safe and secure at night. Many criminals and burglaries prefer to operate in the cloak of darkness. With ample outdoor lighting, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of such crimes, and offer peace of mind to your tenants and homeowners in doing so.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island we know that commercial properties come in every shape and size. Visions for outdoor lighting designs vary just as widely. That is why we have committed our business model to being versatile enough to meet your unique vision and individual needs. Finding expert commercial lighting on Long Island doesn't have to be a hassle. You can read more from our happy clients in our reviews!

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