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Premium Deck & Patio Lighting Services in Long Island

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Professional Lighting in Long Island

Our team of outdoor lighting professionals in Long Island make eloquent statements with subtle touches, carefully crafting energy-efficient solutions that illuminate and accentuate your deck or patio. Combining expertise with finesse, we bring balance to your outdoor space while preserving your nightscape for an unforgettable experience!

Our programmable lighting solutions will make it easy to switch your deck or patio lights on and off with just one touch - granting you full control of an extended living space. Entertain guests under the stars with enhanced eye appeal that'll leave everyone in awe.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island at (631) 250-8134 or contact us online for your complimentary design consultation on deck and patio lighting in Long Island.

Maximize Safety & Security with Outdoor Lighting in Long Island

Illuminate your outdoor spaces and boost security into the evening with professionally-designed lighting installations by our expert team. Our designers will assess your property to identify potential opportunities for extra illumination, as well as make other beneficial suggestions with our deck and patio lighting services in Long Island.

Key Advantages of Professional Patio and Deck Lighting:


  • Inviting Ambiance. Deck and patio lighting can be a great way to create an inviting atmosphere for hosting social gatherings or simply enjoying the night air.
  • Enhanced Safety. Outdoor lighting also increases safety by making pathways easier to navigate at night.
  • Visual Appeal. Deck and patio lighting improves the look of your home and provides gorgeous illumination for evening events, allowing you to enjoy your deck or patio even after sunset.

So whether you’re looking to increase curb appeal or make your outdoor space more enjoyable, installing deck and patio outdoor lighting could be the perfect solution.

Discover Professional Deck and Patio Lighting Solutions in Long Island Contact us online or call (631) 250-8134.

Choose OLP for Top-Quality Exterior Lighting in Long Island


Why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island is Your Best Choice for Deck and Patio Lighting:

  • Tailored Design Solutions. We work with each customer to custom design their outdoor lights to perfectly suit their needs and their home.
  • Post-Installation Adjustments. After installation, our team will drive by at night to ensure that all lighting looks perfect and make any adjustments if needed.
  • Energy-Efficient LED Lighting. Our LED lights provide drastically improved illumination compared to traditional lights, including lower wattage consumption, more durable components, and heightened light quality.

With over 25 years of experience and a dedication to excellence, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives brings unparalleled skill in enhancing your home with low-voltage deck and patio lighting. Our corrosion-proof products guarantee that you won't have any worries due to weather conditions - we've got it all covered! Plus, with Annual Maintenance Plans available after installation is complete, no detail will be left unchecked for the ultimate peace of mind.

Ready to Illuminate Your Outdoor Space? Contact us today or call (631) 250-8134 to learn more about our Long Island deck and patio lighting services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of lighting are best suited for decks and patios?

The best lighting for decks and patios includes ambient lighting for a cozy environment, task lighting for activities like grilling or reading, accent lighting to highlight features, and path lighting to ensure safe navigation.

Can I control my outdoor lighting system remotely?

Absolutely! Our modern outdoor lighting systems come with smart technology that allows you to control your lights remotely via a smartphone app. This feature enables you to adjust lighting levels, set schedules, and even change colors with ease.

Are LED lights a good option for outdoor use?

Yes, LED lights are an excellent option for outdoor use. They are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and durable, making them ideal for various weather conditions. LEDs also offer a wide range of color temperatures and brightness levels to suit your design preferences.

What are the advantages of low-voltage deck lighting systems?

Low-voltage deck lighting systems are energy-efficient, safe, and easy to install. They operate on 12 volts, reducing the risk of electrical shock, and offer flexibility in adding or relocating fixtures. These systems are perfect for those who want a customizable and efficient lighting solution.

How much does deck and patio lighting cost?

The cost varies based on the size of your space, the complexity of the design, and the types of fixtures used. We offer a range of options to fit different budgets and provide detailed estimates during our consultation process.

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