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Automatically control your Memphis lighting outdoors and indoors.

Control TVs, computers, lamps–every power outlet in your Memphis home

Our innovative Lighting Control Automation® (LCA) technology provides effortless control of your Memphis home’s indoor and outdoor lighting and other powered features. The smart timer can do more than turn on selected lights at dusk. It can control all indoor and outdoor electric outlets with ease. Imagine the benefits:

  • Create zones to control groups of lights and appliances at the flick of a switch.
  • Turn off every lamp in a room from one switch.
  • Dim all lights in a zone for an enhanced mood and energy savings.
  • Adjust every light in your room just the way you prefer for TV viewing–at the flick of a switch.
  • Have your outdoor lights come on automatically at dusk.
  • Turn on a path of dimmed lights to the bathroom to avoid waking family members.
  • Control the outlets in your entire Memphis home from a central keypad.
  • Turn off every light in your Memphis home from keypads installed wherever you want.
  • Have zones set to turn on and off automatically so your Memphis home always looks occupied.
  • Never worry about resetting it, our LCA system automatically adjusts to daylight savings time.

These are just a few examples. The tremendous flexibility of our LCA system gives you convenience you’ve never imagined. We can set up any configurations of lighting zones. Each zone can be programmed to automatically turn lights on and off at specified times–or even to dim the lights. You have complete manual control, too–from as many keypads as you wish which can override your automatic settings.

Outdoors, you may want to have your front architectural lighting set to remain on all night and your backyard deck or patio lighting to be strictly manual. Perhaps best of all, you never have to be present for service calls. Using a laptop computer, we can turn your system on or off without requiring access to your home. And if you’re programming savvy, you can learn to operate the system remotely from your own computer.

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