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Memphis Safety and Security Lighting: Working Hand-in-Hand to Keep You and Your Property Safer at Night

They are both one in the same, safety lighting and security lighting are extremely important, practical outcomes of a carefully designed outdoor lighting system. The distinction between them is quite simple, safety lighting is designed to ensure you can safely walk down pathways or stairs all the while being able to see where you’re going. Security lighting is designed to deter unwanted guests such as would be intruders.

Memphis Outdoor Safety Lighting

Through our design expertise and experience, we know how to walk your property to identify areas which could become potential tripping hazards come nightfall. Tripping hazards may be found in both your front and back yard with your steps, hardscapes and other installed additions. Through our elegant pathway lighting your front and back yard will be awash in subtle illumination which will help guide you with every step you take.

After looking over your home’s front and backyard, we will then analyze the sides of your home for potential tripping hazards. The sides of your home are undoubtedly the darkest areas of your yard during the evening hours. Uneven terrain could cause one to roll their ankle. There are numerous methods to illuminate the sides of your home, but one of the more popular is what is known as “moonlighting”. Think of the moon being pulled down and providing a very subtle amount of illumination which pours down through branches and leaves creating a beautiful grouping of silhouettes.

If you have a pool or deck area where you enjoy hosting guests, this area is extremely important for providing safety lighting. By adding illumination to these areas, your pool area or deck will gain an extended perimeter during the evening hours. Also, any areas which may have been an issue prior to lighting being installed will now be much safer to walk through or across.

Memphis Outdoor Security Lighting

Through learning how you utilize your home and outdoor areas, we can better understand which areas you need illumination for. Knowing which entrance you utilize as well as which areas of your outdoor living areas could look inviting for would be intruders, we can add the perfect amount of illumination to alleviate your concerns during the evening hours.

One of the main purposes of outdoor lighting security is to deter would be intruders. Through the addition of outdoor lighting to doorways, windows and the sides of your home’s exterior, we’re effectively lowering the ability of an intruder to enter your yard or home without being seen. As has been stated time and time again, a non well-lit home is exponentially more likely to be targeted by a would be intruder than a well-lit home on the very same street.

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