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Does Your Existing Outdoor Lighting System Need Repair?

Do you know when your outdoor lighting system needs to be repaired? If you’re unsure, simply take a walk around your property at night to see if any of your fixtures are not powering on or are dimly lit. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis can ensure that your outdoor lighting system is operating at peak efficiency whether or not we initially installed it.


If the company that installed your outdoor lighting system is out of business or simply isn’t returning your calls regarding repairs, you can call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives! We service all outdoor lighting systems. We will come to your property and walk the entirety of it and check for any areas that need repair or replacement. During this inspection, we can inform you of the newer options available in the outdoor lighting field. For example, upgrading from halogen to LED is a hot ticket item right now.

Deck Lighting

In addition to repairing your system, we can also redesign your system’s layout. Outdoor lighting design is something we pride ourselves on. If we see areas for improvement in your outdoor lighting system’s layout, we’ll recommend these to you and explain how they will benefit your home or landscape at night. It’s important to remember that the most important thing about outdoor lighting is the effect it has on your home or landscape. If you have shrubs or foliage that’s overgrown and is blocking a lighting fixture, then your system isn’t operating at optimal efficiency.

To find out how quickly Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis can have your outdoor lighting system operating at peak efficiency, call us today at (901) 446-0688. We look forward to hearing from you soon!