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The One Gift Your Whole Family Can Enjoy

Forget a partridge in a pear tree. This Christmas ask your true love to get you and the rest of your family pathway lighting! More valuable than five golden rings, everyone can enjoy the benefits these types of lights offer.

Are you squinting one eye in disbelief at these claims?

Water Feature Lighting

Consider these perks of pathway lighting in Collierville, TN

Installing pathway lights adds ambient lighting to a dark backyard. Children can continue without interruption discovering the hidden worlds within your landscape, fueling their imagination with the lighted pathway.

What’s in it for mom and dad? Does a romantic stroll down illuminated winding paths to your favorite spot in the garden sound pleasant? Imagine walking to a backdrop of the setting sun. Then once at your destination, picture both of you enjoying the view as darkness befalls the landscape until all that’s visible is each other. After a relaxing talk, the garden path lights will guide your feet home as you and your beloved meander back.
And because the path lights are on your property, that could be your evening, every evening.


How about putting money back into your pockets! Path lights increase a home’s value by adding curb appeal in your front yard, and larger overall desirability in your backyard.

Path Lighting

Merely having one of our professional pathway lighting designers install the best lighting configuration in your home can accomplish this. But think of the additional worth added to your home if path lights are also used to highlight prized low-lying plants in combination with your home’s unique features? It’ll capture any prospective buyer’s attention for sure!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis is the most trusted pathway lighting installation company in Collierville, TN! To set up your free design consultation, call us at (901) 446-0688. We look forward to hearing from you soon!