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3 Reasons You’ll Be Thanking Our Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting Installer in Germantown, TN This Thanksgiving

Low-voltage outdoor lighting is just as the name implies. It’s a lighting system that uses fewer watts than traditional bulbs, without skimping on luminosity. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis, we only use LEDs, the gold standard in low-voltage lighting.

Before and after outdoor lighting

Today’s LEDs have come a long way from the harsh, white light we associate with them. In fact, they can mimic an incandescent color temperature so closely, you would never even be able to distinguish between the two.

But there are other reasons to consider our outdoor lighting systems as well. Here are 3 reasons you’ll be thanking our low-voltage lighting installer in Germantown, TN this Thanksgiving.

Before and after outdoor lighting

  1. Saving the Planet: Brightness doesn’t actually have to do with wattage, but with how much energy it draws. Low-voltage LED’s convert 90% of its power into light and only 10% into heat. Having so little energy lost to heat keeps the bulbs cool to the touch while reducing pollution emitted from non-renewable energy sources.
  2. Saving Money: Less electricity used means less cash spent on keeping your home bright and beautiful. With electricity bills steadily climbing over the next few months as we try to stay warm, you can rest easy knowing your low-voltage LED lights won’t make it worse.
  3. Saving Time: We can’t always turn back the clock and gain an hour like we do when switching back to Standard Time. Because LED lights can last for decades, you won’t have to go looking for a new one anytime soon, or even waste time scheduling and waiting for a lighting professional to do it for you.

Before and after outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis will bring your Germantown, TN home and landscape to life with low-voltage landscape lighting! All you have to do is call us today at (901) 446-0688. We look forward to hearing from you soon!