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From Top to Bottom, from Left to Right. All Over Brilliant Lighting for Your Memphis Home

Imagine a beautiful painting. Meticulous strokes, stunning colors, and breathtaking detail all combine to form the most amazing piece of work you’ve ever seen. Now, imagine it placed beneath a single, narrow-beamed light bulb. Would that dull bulb be able to bring out all of the painting’s majesty? Would it do the masterpiece the justice it deserves? Of course not! That painting deserves to be lit magnificently from every angle. It deserves strong, illuminating lights all around its canvas to make it shine with all its might. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis, we believe your house is like a painting, and basic outdoor lighting just won’t cut it.

Soffit lighting, or down lighting, is often seen on the outside of houses. It is the most basic of outdoor lighting and is usually mediocre at best. Small, simple light fixtures shine down with weak beams that barely light directly in front of them. The result leaves much to be desired as seen in the photo below.

soffit lighting versus facade lighting on home

The outside of your home has so many interesting textures that can be brought to life with the correct lighting. When you use soffit lighting, the downcast only illuminates certain areas. Instead, applying different lighting fixtures at different angles creates full coverage. Floodlights from the bottom will provide stunning up-lighting that will show off columns and extra features. Placing one at the base of a tree near the home can produce interesting shadowing against the exterior itself. Grazing the side of the home with a few lights will allow the unique texture to be showcased. We will even place path lights near the main doorway and find unique places for different fixtures to provide more aesthetically pleasing visuals.

memphis exterior lighting

Of course, it all comes down to the different kinds of beams used with these fixtures. They range from very wide, wide, to narrow. Using a very wide beam on a flood light encompasses a huge area for illumination. A wide spotlight for grazing and a narrow well light for highlighting only add to the choices. Imagine what can be done with different beams at different angles. You won’t ever have to worry about your home’s exterior lighting looking dull or dreary. The array we carry provides endless possibilities for custom created outdoor lighting designs.

memphis home landscaping lighting

Treat your home like the amazing piece of art it is. Limiting the beams and fixtures only limits the beauty. Allow Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis to carefully design the perfect plan for your home. We’ll light it top to bottom, left to right, and every place in between to create the perfect look that will leave onlookers stunned. Everyone will think your home belongs on display in a gallery of its own.