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Majestic Trees Deserve to be in the Spotlight

One of the most sought after outdoor lighting techniques right now is tree lighting. Trees provide beauty to our homes but when the sun goes down, that beauty is hidden in the darkness. When properly lit, trees can make a big difference in the look and feel of our outdoor spaces.

One advantage a tree holds is that it doesn’t need a lot of lights to be illuminated beautifully. Focal lighting done right will give your tree the radiance it deserves. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis, we know the right type of lighting fixture to use at the best angle to illuminate your tree properly. Just like with architectural and landscape lighting, we also identify the appropriate distance the fixture needs to be installed and the best place to mount it depending on the preferred effect.

uplighting on tree There are two lighting techniques we use depending on the type of tree and the result you are looking to achieve. Up-lighting is most commonly used on trees with magnificent canopies like towering oaks. Placing a well or flood light close to the tree trunk, directing the beam upward, lights the entire entity in a very dramatic way.

Downlighting or moonlighting is another type of tree lighting. Although this lighting technique is not as commonly used, it can be very impressive when done right. When you think of moonlighting, you probably think of the shadows and lights given off by the moon. This is the effect we mimic with down lighting. Floodlights are actually mounted in the trees at different levels to cast light down through the leaves and branches. This replicates the look and shadowing created naturally by the moon giving off a soothing and comforting feel.

If you are interested in highlighting natural beauty in your yard, give us a call. We can help you determine the best type of outdoor lighting for your space. We can even light up your trees at night to let you see the transformation.