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What’s the Big Deal About Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting, Anyway?

Low-voltage lighting has steadily gained popularity over the past decade. In recent years, growth has exploded—due in part to the 2020 incandescent bulb ban.

While incandescents will be missed, saying goodbye hasn’t been all that painful because of the numerous advantages of low-voltage lighting. In fact, by the end of this post, you may be asking yourself why we didn’t make the switch sooner.

Low-voltage outdoor lighting in Germantown, TN

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis, we’ve been using low-voltage LED outdoor lighting in Germantown, TN, for so many years, we’ve lost count. We always want the best for our customers, and the benefits of low-voltage landscape lighting were too great to ignore.

Below are some of those amazing perks, and why low-voltage outdoor lighting is such a big deal.

Safety: Low-voltage lighting cables are significantly less powerful than traditional lighting, and are thus safer to use and have on your property.

Money Savings: We can light up multiple low-voltage LED bulbs with the energy it takes to power one traditional bulb. Less energy used means more monthly savings for you!

Environmentally Friendly: Low-voltage LEDs convert their power to 90% light and lose only 10% heat. This efficiency gives them longer lifespans. Because they take much longer to burn out, we save our non-renewable energy sources and reduce pollution.

Time saver: Another advantage of an LED’s extended lifespan is you’ll spend less time buying and replacing them! It’ll be a decade before you have to change another outdoor bulb.

See what low-voltage outdoor lighting can do for your Germantown, TN, home today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!