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It's Not Too Late for a Belated Holiday Gift!

October 4, 1957, was an embarrassing and worrisome day for Americans. Despite all our country’s attempts, Sputnik, the world’s first artificial satellite, was launched into space by the Soviets. It was a major defeat for the United States during the Cold War. But in an effort to track Sputnik’s movements, we would redeem ourselves by creating one of the most important technological advances of the 20th century: GPS. And it all happened because we were late to the game.

With the holidays behind us, you may feel like you missed the boat on gift-giving. But outdoor landscape lighting in Memphis, TN, is the best late holiday gift you can give either to yourself or your family, and it can be the catalyst to something even greater and more memorable.


In warmer weather, festive deck or patio lights will extend the usability of your outdoor living space and ensure your parties and gatherings don’t end with the setting sun. In fact, you’ll notice instead of petering out, they’ll be revived with lighting that creates the perfect atmosphere to linger and make good conversation.

memphis deck outdoor living

Or maybe you prefer a party of two. Outdoor lighting can provide a romantic illumination of your gardens and make your backyard the perfect escape.

Either way, your spring and summer memories will be like chicken soup for the soul as they carry you through frigid winters.

memphis pool lighting before and after

Landscape and outdoor lighting also make your home more inviting during the dark, cold winter months. They’ll light up your driveway and house to bring a sense of warmth and belonging as you come home after a long day. Your guests will also feel welcomed by your home’s radiance as they pull up your driveway.

Outdoor lighting is the perfect late, holiday gift! Schedule a free outdoor lighting design consultation with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis. You can reach us by calling us at (901) 446-0688. We look forward to hearing from you soon!