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Should You Get Security Lighting for Your East Memphis, TN, Home?

Have you ever went away on vacation and left a light on inside your house to trick burglars into thinking someone was home? Or maybe instead, you programmed the TV to turn on in the evening thinking it would be a deterrent.

Sorry, but chances are you weren’t fooling anyone.

It’s common knowledge this is something many people do while away, and much like Harry and Marv—the burglars in Home Alone—intruders know these ruses.

What does work then?

Rather than thinking about changing your indoor environment to make it seem like people are there, turn your attention outdoors to create security lighting for your East Memphis, TN, home.

Invaders like to hide beneath the cloak of darkness, away from prying eyes. Installing motion-activated floodlights might be just what you need to scare away a criminal. It can also give a chance for a nearby neighbor to spot something out of the ordinary happening on your property.


Gone are the days where floodlights were so bright, white, and harsh that they made your house look like the blinding lights of a car dealership at night. Those flood lights are enough to make you want to put on sunglasses to protect your retinas.

Today’s lights are more natural in color and illuminate the vicinity without being obnoxious. It’s enough to startle outside intruders and make them think twice about targeting your home. But, security lighting still makes it a joy to stroll through your backyard or relax on the patio.

To find out how professionally-designed-and-installed outdoor and landscape lighting can bring added security to your East Memphis home after dark, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis. We look forward to hearing from you soon!