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Revamp Your Memphis Outdoor Lighting System and Make it Last with First-Class Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Fall is already in full swing, which means it’s time for your outdoor lighting to take center stage and really show off your home when the sun goes down. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis, there’s always a rush this time of year as residents decide to revamp their systems for the longer fall nights.

For example, we recently finished a complete redesign for a client in order to replace some older, cheaper materials that were previously installed (an entire neighborhood entryway, in fact). The switchover was from older, antiquated halogen lighting fixtures to new, state-of-the-art LED outdoor lighting fixtures, comprising of high-end brass and copper.

Unfortunately, the neighborhood’s call was necessary for all the common reasons for older outdoor lighting fixtures that aren’t properly maintained year over year. For one, the fixtures originally chosen weren’t as high quality as they should have been, so they started to fade, chip and peel after only a couple of years. Another issue was that as the trees and other landscaping on his property grew and changed, his outdoor lighting design became out of date, casting unflattering shadows and light on his house that needed to be fixed.

When the neighborhood called Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis, it was an easy fix. We only use top-quality materials, such as our copper fixtures that won’t fade or peel. In fact, these first-class fixtures actually react with the elements to transform into a beautiful patina finish over the years. We also redesigned his system to focus more on the impressive architectural features of his home rather than the landscaping around his house, so even as things grow and change around it, he can count on his home to always look its best.

When all was said and done, our client had 69 brand new fixtures and a revamped outdoor lighting design that gave his home a dramatic and beautiful nighttime makeover built to last.

Is it time for you to consider revamping your own outdoor lighting system? Here are just a few reasons to call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis to talk about an upgrade:

  • Changes around the house.
    Like the client discussed above, you’ve probably noticed some changes in your home’s landscaping and other features over the years. Or, if you’ve recently renovated parts of the house, make sure those upgrades get noticed at night with an expert outdoor lighting design.
  • Upgrade fixtures.
    If you installed some cheaper outdoor lighting yourself like our client above, you’ll probably start to notice some wear and tear fairly quickly. Invest in better quality fixtures now that are built to last rather than overspending on materials you’ll just have to replace every couple of years.
  • Upgrade to LED.
    The benefits of switching to LED outdoor lighting are endless. In addition to a brighter, more spectacular view of your home, LEDs offer environmentally friendly benefits, longer life than halogen bulbs and energy-efficiencies that will save you money.
  • More.
    Take advantage of the opportunity to show off your house during the long nights this season by scheduling a free expert consultation. We’ll pinpoint the perfect outdoor lighting fixtures and placements to revamp your home and make it last.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis today to find out how you can show off your home and get the most out of your outdoor lighting this fall. We look forward to hearing from you soon!