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Bring Your Collierville, TN Landscape Back to Life with Professional Lighting Installation

If your Collierville, TN, landscape completely disappears when the sun sets, you’re allowing the sun to dictate when your elegant landscape is visible. You’ve more than likely invested significant time and money into the appearance of your home’s trees and flowering plants. With professionally-designed-and-installed landscape lighting, your Collierville, TN, home’s exterior areas will gain added beauty and depth after dark. Before you attempt installing solar lighting for your home’s pathways and flowering plants, consider the better option – Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis. Call today at (901) 446-0688.

copper lighting fixture

In the image above, you’ll notice that we utilize only high-quality copper and brass fixtures. While your local big-box store may have a special, seasonal sale on landscape lighting fixtures, they’re not always the best option. Not only are our landscape lighting fixtures made of higher quality, but they’ll actually gain a nice patina as they age. Unlike cheaper lighting fixtures, our lighting fixtures will blend in subtly to your landscape and will weather the elements much better.

exterior home lighting

When referencing landscape lighting, it’s a pretty broad term. In fact, wouldn’t you consider recently installed hardscapes as an addition to your landscape? If so, that’s another option for professional landscape lighting. Your outdoor living areas are essential and are more than likely a place where you like to unwind after a day of work. Why would you allow nighttime to take this away from you? With professionally-designed-and-installed lighting, you could enjoy these outdoor living areas as long into the evenings as you would like.

landscape lighting

Lastly, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to traverse your own yard’s walkways after dark without worrying about where you’re stepping, or what you may step on while doing so? That’s exactly the outcome in the image above. We carefully measured the illumination’s “splash” zones to ensure there were zero dark spots. This not only adds aesthetic value to the area, but it also increases the practicality of the illumination and allows for the safe passage of the walkway after dark.

If you’re looking for unrivaled landscape lighting in Collierville, TN, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis today at (901) 446-0688 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!