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Highlight Your Home With Architectural Uplighting in Olive Branch, MS

Making a lasting first impression is a rewarding feeling, more so when it comes to your home. You have invested a lot of time and energy into making it beautiful and one way to ensure that it is always cast in the right light is with outdoor lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis will help you highlight your home's curb appeal with professional architectural lighting in Olive Branch, MS.

architectural uplighting

What Can Architectural Uplighting in Olive Branch Do?

Outdoor lighting is a great way to bring focus to key elements around your property, but it works exceptionally well for your home. By using architectural uplighting for your Olive Branch residence, you can not only enhance the beauty by using the contrast of light and shadow, but you’ll be able to enhance the safety of your home as well. When you use uplighting on pillars, windows, entries, or other unique elements of your home’s structure, you can increase the depth and scale that is easily subdued in the dark. See how much difference lighting can make when installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis.

Shine a Light on Increased Safety

Where safety is concerned, this happens in a couple of ways. First, uplighting will draw the focus of any visitors towards the entry of your home. This makes it easy to find and can be utilized to help highlight any sudden turns in your walkway or provide an ambiance in areas such as a porch or overhang that your guests will be able to enjoy the evening outside without worry of tripping.

The second way that safety is increased is by reducing places for those with ill intentions might be lurking. Whether person or critter, additional lights provide little in the way of offering hiding places for them to settle in. This means that anyone who wishes to see if your windows are unlocked will be lit up with your architectural lighting. This will help to reduce any unwanted visitors that might be prowling about.

architectural uplighting

Benefits to Hiring Professionals for Your Outdoor Lighting Needs?

There are many benefits when it comes to professional outdoor lighting, but these start from the moment you contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis. Our team of expert designers and lighting consultants will work with you to provide you with the very best in lighting innovations and ensure that your expectations are exceeded. OLP uses exclusive LED technology that provides top-quality, cost-effective lighting. Our LED lightbulbs are estimated to last 50,000 hours, and by using low-energy lighting fixtures, you’ll be saving money and resources when compared to halogen lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis also features Lighting Control Automation® technology that allows you to effortlessly control your home’s lighting, both indoor and out, as well as other powered features that you wish to automate. Set timers for dusk, but also gain control over every outlet with ease. Turn off every light in a room, adjust the light levels, or have zones turn on and off within your home to make it appear occupied when you’re on vacation. When you call to schedule your free consultation, ask about LCA for your property!

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If you are looking for "outdoor lighting near me" in Olive Branch, then do not hesitate to contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis. Make the smart choice and contact the locally owned, nationally recognized professionals for all of your outdoor lighting needs. Call us at (901) 446-0688 or fill out our contact form today to schedule your completely free consultation. We hope to hear from you soon!