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Hiring a Landscape Lighting Installer in East Memphis, TN Can Help You Create Gorgeous Night Displays

When it comes to landscaping lighting, no one does it better than Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. OLP is widely regarded as among the best in the industry thanks to numerous accolades, including the "Best in Glow" award. Team members have worked extensively to improve properties' curb appeal through outdoor lighting design. We have spent years perfecting our low-energy lighting fixtures and LED technology so that you can save money and energy by switching from inefficient halogen bulbs. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis is your best solution for a reliable and experienced landscape lighting installer in East Memphis, TN.

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Professional Landscape Lighting Installer in East Memphis, TN

An experienced landscape lighting company can assist you to design a system that will illuminate your property in a way that won't annoy your neighbors or guests. Light's purpose is to shed its rays on its target with just the proper amount of brightness without blinding everyone else nearby. Don't let electricity go to waste because it will drive up your monthly cost.

If you're looking for a landscape lighting installer in East Memphis, TN, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis. Our skilled lighting designers will consult with the customers one-on-one to understand their needs perfectly so that they can develop a lighting system that goes above and beyond their expectations. To schedule your no-cost lighting consultation, just give us a call. Those interested in learning more about our lighting solutions, including the planning and installation processes involved, are encouraged to get a copy of our free outdoor lighting design guide.

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Outdoor Lighting That Is Tailored To Your Specific Needs

An expert designer will visit your property to learn all about your ideas for outdoor lighting. That way, we can tailor a landscape lighting solution to your home and offer advice on how to best arrange your outdoor space.

String Lights Can Be Customized to Fit Any Area

Put up festive string lighting so the whole backyard can be seen at night. To create stunning light displays, simply raise the lights above the ground and attach them to guidewires placed around the property in the desired designs. These lights are resistant to being blown away by strong winds, and they are also resistant to sagging and drooping. The strands can be crossed to produce a lighting pattern that illuminates the entire backyard or zeroes in on a specific spot.

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Marked Way to Help You Find Your Way

In addition to string lights, pathway lighting is another option for illuminating your landscape. On top of illuminating a safe path around your property, this option will also assist you to conceal your true intentions in drawing attention to the attractive foliage around your backyard. Using these lovely fixtures, you can illuminate your garden and the paths that visitors will take through it.

Gentle, Glowing Orbs Impart a Mystical Atmosphere

Our sphere lighting is an innovative and rapidly expanding option for landscape lighting. Wonderful lights of many types and sizes are available, and they can be planted firmly in the ground or strung from the branches of adjacent trees. They are built to last, shining brightly for years to come with their steel construction and long-lasting LED bulbs. If you want your home or garden to look like a work of art, employ them to create a mystical mood.

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis is the best option for a "landscape lighting installer near me" in the East Memphis region. We can make your vision for landscape lighting a reality because of our extensive background in the field. Call us at (901) 446-0688 or send us a message to schedule your free consultation through our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!