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Gorgeous Outdoor Lighting Installations for Collierville, TN, Homes

Your Collierville home's distinguished beauty and charm deserve appreciation both during the light of day and through the dark of night. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we've spent 20 years making that possible for thousands across the country, applying an expertise that's difficult to find from other companies. From enhancing curb appeal to celebrating festive occasions with permanent holiday lighting, our expertise in outdoor lighting ensures that your home is both a safe haven and a stunning showcase after sunset. There are dozens of possibilities for your outdoor spaces, and our team is dedicated to making every corner of your property a testament to tasteful and practical lighting solutions.

outdoor lighting in Collierville, TN

Enhance Your Home's Curb Appeal

When the outside of your home makes someone say wow! - that's when you know your curb appeal is strong. During the day, this can be accomplished with intricate architectural details or lush landscaping… but how do you keep the wow factor going after night falls?

This is where architectural lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives plays a pivotal role. Our outdoor lighting experts know exactly how to highlight your home's most beautiful and interesting architectural features. The strategic illumination of pathways, façades, and garden features ensures that your home's curb appeal doesn't just disappear with the setting sun but transforms into a captivating nighttime spectacle. Experience the enchantment of a home that glows with warmth and welcome, making a lasting impression on every observer.

architectural lighting in Collierville, TN

Special Occasion Lighting

Permanent holiday lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers a seamless and spectacular way to celebrate every season. Say goodbye to the hassle of yearly installations with our durable, energy-efficient LED lighting systems designed for year-round use. These customizable lights can be controlled via an app, allowing you to change colors and patterns to suit any occasion—from Christmas to the Fourth of July or simply to enhance the everyday aesthetic of your home. Enjoy the magic of festive lighting all year round without the fuss, making your home a standout in the neighborhood and a beacon of holiday spirit, whatever the celebration may be.

home uplighting in Collierville, TN

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting not only adds beauty to your yard by highlighting its features, but it also creates a safe and inviting atmosphere for you to enjoy your outdoor space at night.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we take pride in transforming outdoor spaces with our stunning and almost infinitely customizable landscape lighting solutions. Tree lighting is a client favorite, utilizing uplighting to accentuate trees from the base, making them a striking feature in your yard. Alternatively, our moonlighting technique's charm is more subtle, achieved by placing lights high in the branches. Our LED bulbs shimmer through the branches and leaves, creating a play of light and shadow on the ground that mimics the serene glow of moonlight.

Garden lights are another elegant way to upgrade the beauty of your home's landscape features by night. These lights enhance the natural colors and details of your garden, turning it into a luminous spectacle that complements your overall landscape design.

deck and patio lighting in Collierville, TN

Deck & Patio Lighting

Extend your living space with upscale designs for lighting your patio or deck areas. Our subtle, energy-efficient lighting enhances the beauty of these areas, adding ambiance and enabling more usability from house features that might otherwise be overlooked by night. Strategically placed bulbs help create a stunning atmosphere for nighttime gatherings.

String Lighting

Many homeowners are delighted by our string lighting options, which often have greater design flexibility without compromising on elegance. While DIY-ing is possible, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives creates a more sophisticated look with discreet poles that provide support and help hide unsightly wires. Bistro lights add a charming ambiance, extending your enjoyment of your patio deep into the evening. Our premium fixtures are designed to complement your home's aesthetic, ensuring that it's your yard's beauty that shines, not the hardware.

string patio lighting in Collierville, TN

Sphere Lighting

Outdoor sphere lights, also known as orb or globe lights, are a beautiful and unique way to bring a soft kind of whimsy to your landscape lighting design. Sphere lights can differ in size or illumination level, allowing for the same kind of versatility that is prized in the rest of our products at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Made from durable steel and energy-efficient LEDs, they can be hung from trees for a unique blend of natural and modern. They're also perfect for hanging or placing on the ground to light walkways and patios.

Install Outdoor Lighting in Collierville by Outdoor Lighting Perspective

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