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Corrosion on Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Could Spell Trouble in Paradise

The benefits of owning a coastal home, or even a vacation home in a coastal community are too numerous to count. The warm ocean breezes, close proximity to sandy sunlit beaches, the views, and being able to hear the tranquil sounds of the tide are reason enough for choosing to live in a place like Naples, Fla. With all the good, there is always an inherent bad to go along with it. In the case of coastal living in Naples, like so many other coastal communities, corrosion on metal and iron surfaces can become a headache. The cost for repairing and replacing items that have become corroded due to the heavy amount of moisture and salt in the air can become quite expensive over time.

Outdoor lighting fixtures are one area where corrosion is likely to occur. Most outdoor lighting fixtures are comprised of metals such as iron, and aluminum and can corrode. A great majority of homeowners here in Naples have powder coated aluminum fixtures as part of their outdoor lighting. Over time the exposure to the high salt content in the air will cause the fixtures to start chipping even after a few years. This is especially the case with many of the coach lanterns and entry lights installed on homes in Southwest Florida.  In lieu of the corrosion issues we have been replacing a large amount of these fixtures with our brass lighting, an answer to the outdoor lighting corrosion problems for our customers.

You may be asking why our brass outdoor lighting fixtures are less likely to suffer from corrosion than aluminum fixtures. The reason is because brass, and especially solid brass fixtures like we use, do not rust.  This is because brass is an alloy of copper and zinc which have been used on sailing ships for centuries because it stands up better to the harsh oceanic elements. Brass is an excellent material for any type of seaside outdoor fixture for not only its beauty, but its resiliency as well.

If you are starting to notice corrosion on your outdoor lighting fixtures, then it might be time to give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples a call. Our high quality fixtures are made with old –world craftsmanship and are built to last. Even if you are not a current customer with us, we would love the opportunity to discuss our expert design and customer oriented service with you. Our timeless outdoor lighting designs can add beauty to your home and landscape even when you live in a tropical paradise like Naples. (239) 970-9554