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LED Outdoor Lighting Fixtures for Every Area of Your Home

Last week we talked about the advantages of LED outdoor lighting and why this technology is becoming the popular choice among homeowners.  It’s all about the longevity of the bulbs, the energy it saves, and the low impact on our environment.  We do understand that the ultimate decision is based on the effect of the outdoor lighting.  After all, the benefits are a bonus, but you still want your outdoor lighting to look exceptionally nice.

Attractive outdoor lighting, with the benefits of LED technology, is where Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples comes in.  Our advanced LED technology looks just as good as traditional halogen lighting.  Not all outdoor lighting specialists can say that.  It has to do with the Color Rendering Index or CRI.  CRI is a scale used to measure a light source’s ability to reproduce the colors and textures as closely as natural light would, and you can read more about that in a previous story we wrote called Why Color is so Important for Outdoor Lighting in Naples.  Our CRI is rated high and that is what makes your palm trees, pool areas, landscaping, driveways and every other area you want to see at night look so great.  After all, you’ve taken a lot of time and care of your outdoor spaces, so outdoor lighting should make them look as classy and elegant at night as they do during the day.

We offer a complete line of LED lighting fixtures to illuminate these areas.  Our LED well lights offer a strong light while remaining hidden and out of the way.  They can be used to graze or wash a home’s exterior or majestic columns, or shadow and silhouette taller features such as your palm trees. Our copper and brass LED path lighting fixtures are as attractive as they light they produce.  These fixtures are elevated above the ground and spread the light, making them ideal for illuminating your flower beds or adding safety to your path and walkways, steps, and driveway.  Flood lights give a wide spread of light while spot lights provide a more focused beam.  These types of fixtures are used for safety and security, although they can also be used for more unique situations such as lighting a grill, basketball goal, sculpture, fountain and archway.  We also have a variety of LED deck lights that wash ambient light along deck posts.  Our sconce lights shine up and down simultaneously and our step lights are ideal for long, winding steps or sculptured paths.

No matter what you want to shine at night, we can create a custom lighting plan that includes our LED outdoor lighting fixtures.  You’ll appreciate the benefits of LED lighting while enjoying your outdoor spaces longer. (239) 970-9554