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Ralf And Lori Musmann Are Lighting Up Beverly, MA, Long into The Evening After Sunset with Stunning Outdoor Lighting, Landscape Lighting, And Outdoor Living Space Lighting

Beverly homes and businesses are pretty darn lucky that they have acclaimed, COLT-certified outdoor lighting designers like Ralf and Lori Musmann to keep those exteriors and adjacent outdoor living spaces as beautiful as they can possibly be after dusk.

Outdoor lighting in Beverly Ma

Beverly Professional Outdoor Lighting Exceeds Client Expectations

It’s one thing when you take tremendous pride in your work, but for the professional outdoor lighting designers, installers, and service teams at Beverly Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, documented praise for exceptional outdoor lighting speaks for itself.

Here is a perfect example.

A recent client originally requested only driveway lights and path lighting, as he felt his existing carriage lights were adequate. After our presentation showing him nighttime photos of his house exceptionally lit, as well as before and after photos of another project recently completed, the client was completely sold on the full design for both the front and back!

What started as mere driveway and path lighting ended up totaling 106 fixtures, with a combination of uplights, pathlights, and more. As a result, now this property really shines when the sun goes down.

Another case study we love to share is about a client who thought long and hard about how to illuminate his backyard spaces to turn them into three distinct sections – or oases, as he referred to them.

1. The first for entertaining clients

2. A second area where his kids and their friends could play

3. And a third one, where adults could relax

While the sections needed to convey a separate feeling, the client wanted them all to be on one system and not feel disjointed, which is very understandable from someone who put this much thought into his unique, custom outdoor lighting plan.

In order to accomplish this scenario, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives used all brass fixtures to up light pillars and trees around the entire perimeter.

Also used was festive bistro string lighting in two of the spaces but in different suspension patterns to help create a unique feel in those spaces.

With similar lighting, all three spaces are visually tied together and by repeating lighting elements in different areas, the spaces feel connected visually though each is a distinctly different "room.”

Suffice it to say that the client is extremely pleased at the result – and our ability to turn his outdoor lighting vision into reality.

Festive bistro lighting Beverly MA

More About Beverly Custom Outdoor Lighting

If you love your home, outdoor landscapes, garden, and outdoor living spaces as much as we do, you’ve probably seen us or heard about us on-air or in popular publications, including Architectural Digest, HGTV Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, House Beautiful, Better Homes and Gardens, Landscape Architecture, Traditional Home, Southern Living, Coastal Living, Garden Design, and even The Wall Street Journal.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the original outdoor lighting company that specializes in transforming your outdoor spaces with low-voltage architectural and landscape lighting since 1995.

For more than a quarter of a century, our professional designers have been working one-on-one with our clients to create lighting displays that perfectly fit their needs, preferences, and budget.

From breathtaking backyard installations, to accent lighting that enhances the architectural beauty of your business, to festive holiday displays, we’ll make sure that after the sun goes down, your property shines.

We proudly wear the badge of honor to be the very first company of our kind in the nation – and still the largest – specializing in full-service, low-voltage outdoor lighting.

With over 150,000 installations across North America, we are known for skillful, custom outdoor lighting design for Beverly homes, commercial businesses, as well as the hospitality industry.

So, if you are enjoying reading about how we transform evenings into beautifully warm illuminated experiences, you just might be ready to upgrade your home's façade with stunning outdoor lighting.

In fact, with Spring now in full bloom, when you’re trying to think of a significant yet affordable way to beautify your home without spending significant amounts of money, there aren’t many reasonable and affordable options out there besides Beverly Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

We excel in providing trusted, high-quality residential outdoor lighting design and installation services.

We’re the locally owned and operated outdoor lighting company by Ralf and Lori, and our design professionals are dedicated to your satisfaction.

We offer homeowners quality, energy-efficient lighting options to transform your landscape and outdoor living spaces without a skyrocketing electric bill.

We design our Beverly outdoor lighting service to brighten up your property – literally.

Landscape lighting in Beverly MA

Advantages Of Using Our Beverly, MA, Outdoor Lighting Services

1. Meticulous installation

2. Post-installation adjustments

3. Annual maintenance plans

4. High-quality, weather-resistant outdoor lighting fixtures and operational technology

5. Warranty coverage

Will Your Soon-To-Be Illuminated Home Be the Next Beverly Showstopper?

You know what we’re talking about. There’s that neighborhood home that everyone stops and stares at when taking their after-dinner stroll in the evening.

Our COLT-certified Beverly landscape lighting design team will make your home the showstopper you always knew it could be. And best of all, it’s an inexpensive and timeless option for rejuvenating your home’s exterior.

Our team of landscape lighting professionals enjoy working with homeowners to create completely one-of-a-kind lighting designs.

Our available landscape lighting options include:

1. Pool lighting

2. Garden lighting

3. Deck and patio lighting

4. Security lighting

5. Energy-smart low voltage landscape lighting

Outdoor Living Space Lighting In Beverly Is Right Here, MA

We specialize in creating outdoor living space lighting and illumination effects that enhance the way you live, love, entertain, and relax outdoors.

Our proven outdoor living space lighting design principles add beauty and harmony beyond your home’s façade to your outdoor living spaces.

From comprehensive custom planning for functionality and practicality, to the artful use of special outdoor lighting techniques and effects to beautify and secure, it all adds up to striking illumination effects that will extend the enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces long into the evening.

We Invite You to Meet with Us in Person

To ensure that you make an informed decision, we offer a free consultation and nighttime demonstration.

You can see exactly what you're getting before the installation even begins! Click here to schedule yours or call us at (978) 634-5864.

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