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Beauty, Utility, Ambiance, Pleasure: What's Your Motivation for Outdoor Lighting Around Your Raleigh NC Home?

Life in Raleigh, NC: when you put this much money into a home, installing professional outdoor lighting should be a given, not a decision to be pondered. There’s no question homes for sale in Raleigh are getting more expensive every day, especially Inside the Beltline. To make the most of your real estate investment, you need architectural lighting and landscape lighting, front and back, including the deck, pool and patio.

Whether you live in the city’s older, more established neighborhoods or in the suburbs, you want to show your home off “in the best light.” There was a time when “in the best light” meant waiting for the perfect position of the sun in the sky. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh, we don’t wait for the best light, we create it … every night.

Consider Your Objectives When You Add Professional Outdoor Lighting

When our outdoor lighting designer meets with you at your Raleigh, NC, home, we are not there to talk about why most people choose to install outdoor lighting. We are only there to talk about your reasons for installing outdoor lighting. They’re all that matter, aren’t they?

Brick pathway with lighting


Is beauty at the top of your list? The sheer beauty of a tastefully-illuminated home is beyond comparison. Here we are talking about architectural lighting as well as landscape lighting. These two genres of outdoor lighting combine to make one overall visual impression. Sometimes we refer to it as nighttime curb appeal, but even that phrase doesn’t do it justice.

When you’re inside your home, you may not be thinking about its exterior beauty. When you arrive home from work in the evening or after a night out, that beauty greets you full-force. With the outdoor lighting, Raleigh NC does not take for granted, you appreciate your home all over again when you see it illuminated at night. This brings up the questions, “Who are you looking to please? Who is this lighting for?” The answer: anyone who sees it. It’s for the neighbors, those on your street and those at the far reaches of your neighborhood. It’s for your guests and the guests of your neighbors. It’s for you. Enjoy.


Raleigh NC outdoor lighting serves several practical purposes, too. With appropriate outdoor lighting, you can see where you’re going when you walk along a path or walkway on your property at night. Guests are not as familiar as you are with the terrain, so when you provide path lighting you are showing them you care about their safety. The same holds true when you add deck lighting on your deck stair risers. Every person who doesn’t trip going up or down the deck stairs has you to thank for the light you’ve provided!

Pathway with lighting, leading to a deck


What is a deck or patio without the soothing ambiance of gentle patio or deck lighting? What is an outdoor party without the festive display of string party lights? Whatever mood you want to set, our professional lighting designers can accomplish it for you. Go all the way with subtle lighting for ambiance and festive lighting for parties. We can set these up on two different switches so you can choose the mood you want on any given night. Whether you choose soothing or festive lighting, the bottom line is this: you were not driven indoors by darkness.


Have you sat out on your deck, patio or porch at night and gazed out at your prize rose bushes, your banks of azaleas or your majestic beds of lilies? If you personally do the gardening, or even if you just supervise it, you can take great pleasure in admiring those beautiful flowers night after night. Maybe you sip from a glass of wine or listen to your favorite music while you enjoy those exquisite flowers.

Do you have a fountain or another water feature such as a pond with a trickling waterfall? You can hear it from your deck at night, but to hear it and see it across the yard stimulates your senses and more than doubles the pleasure of the experience.

Residence and driveway with lighting

Where Do You Find The Outdoor Lighting Raleigh NC Prefers?

The best outdoor lighting in Raleigh NC comes from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh. You don’t have to travel to find us because we come to meet with you at your home, at your convenience. You will not find the best quality of outdoor lighting fixtures at the home improvement stores, nor will you find the level of expertise we offer.

If your home does not yet have outdoor lighting installed, you’ll be thrilled when you finally let us come and set it up for you. You’ll wonder why you waited this long.

For the absolute best in outdoor lighting in Raleigh NC, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh today at (919) 769-6651 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you soon!