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Outdoor Lighting Could be the “Icing” on Your Wedding Day

I really enjoyed reading this blog entry from Wedding Plan Secrets earlier today. In it, the writer mentions using landscape lighting to outline pathways and provide lighting. Proper landscape and architectural lighting adds warm, non-glaring, illumination to any venue or residence. But as I was thinking more about its application at an evening, residential, garden wedding, it occurred to me that investing in quality outdoor lighting would not only enhance your special day…but also be a long-term investment in your property yielding years of fond memories in your outdoor living space…symbolic of the marriage itself.

Ok, that may have been a reach comparing outdoor lighting to a marriage. But consider the possibilities of illuminating the outdoor alter, the reception area, and landscaping features and trees. You and your guests can enjoy the evening well past dusk with no concerns about tripping or navigating the property in the dark. And long after the final guest has left and the caterers have packed their van, your outdoor lighting will be in place waiting for the next special family event. It’s nice to get a return on your wedding day investment.

Oh, and don’t forget about the bugs. Pest control services like Mosquito Squad can ensure the only thing getting bitten is the wedding cake.