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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Makes Daylight Savings Time a Breeze

When I was a child, It was always hard for me to distinguish what to do when daylight savings time rolled around. So, in an effort to help me remember which way to set my clocks, my mother told me “always remember to spring forward and fall back”. This simple little reference has stuck with me through my entire life. Just recently I put my little reminder reference to work once again, because last weekend it was time to set all the clocks in my house to fall back an hour earlier to reflect daylight savings time.

The whole concept of modern daylight savings time, or DST, was first proposed by New Zealand Entomologist, George Hudson in 1895, so that during the summer months afternoons would have more daylight and mornings would have less. Initially, Hudson proposed the measure to indulge his insect collecting interests that were easier to accomplish with the additional daylight that DST would add to the evening, or late afternoon hours. Eventually, the novelty of Hudson’s idea spread and was even supported by Ben Franklin, who claimed the measure would economize on candles by rising earlier to use morning sunlight instead.

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Daylight savings time runs from March 13th, to November 6th for this year and last weekend people all over the world were setting back their clocks to reflect the changing time. In an era when we have so many electronic devices that need amending when DST rolls around, it is a blessing to know many of those devices come equipped with the automation to automatically change to reflect DST without having to lift a finger. Many computers, smart phones and other electronics come with this technology, but did you know your outdoor lighting can be programmed with automation to adjust accordingly as well?

That’s right. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives uses LCA, or lighting control automation, to program your exterior outdoor lighting to adjust to the change in daylight from DST to ensure you are not left in the dark. With our lighting control animation technology, setting your outdoor lighting to compensate for less daylight in the morning, and also to less daylight in the evening doesn’t have to be a hassle. Once we have programmed your outdoor lighting control automation, your lights will automatically reflect the change. Lighting control automation is not only convenient, it provides safety for you family and your home as well.

To learn more about all of our stunning outdoor lighting designs and our ultra convenient outdoor lighting technologies, including lighting control automation with set it and forget it ease, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today.

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