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Anthony Wayne House Transformation

Located in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, discover how one of the most popular historic wedding venues, The Anthony Wayne House, was transformed after dark with illumination design artistry by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

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Video Transcription

In 2013 when I became the Director of the nonprofit that manages the historic Waynesborough, we invested a couple hundred thousand dollars into the house but we were still missing something, so years ago we done turned to a contract with Jeffrey Miller catering to be our exclusive caterer but what we really needed to do lately was add a different flair to the house – how we're gonna differentiate ourselves from other wedding venues in the area. We have a long-term contract at Anthony Wayne House so we're always looking for ways to improve the property, and that was beautiful to begin with. I thought well if we could light this place up in the evenings would be spectacular. One of the huge advantages in terms of working with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the process that we bring to the table. We walk the property with the owners. We get these specifics of what they want and then we do a custom lighting plan for your space. The first thing that jumped out to me when I walked up was the over 200 year old stone on this historic house and we saw that as a great opportunity to really showcase the architecture of the house. We used some up lighting on the mature trees, some down lighting on the pergola, we use some string lights over the fire pit area, and some architectural accent lighting on the house. And now after the wedding people just want to wander around – it's like a wonderland when you walk out there, just a beautiful stone house, huge oak tree. The grounds at night are beautiful. We have several spots outside that are now accessible and we can make nice conversation areas. We can actually bring the indoors outdoor with some of our indoor furniture. So when you're bringing up a bride out there and she sees it all lit up and see the trees in the old stone house, their eyes just go wild. They pop and it just really completes the experience for them. Having it illuminated at night makes it seem a lot better than what it did before and our rental clients have really taken to it. Our business has grown 200-300% since we provided the lighting. Regardless of the property or the application you're gonna be in great hands with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.