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Video Transcription

Lighting can transform a space. This is especially true when it comes to the lighting around the outside of your home. Let's explore some ideas that add beauty, safety, and security for you and your family. Homes during the day have wonderful features – pools, architecture, landscaping, trees, even sculptures. Outdoor living spaces, outdoor kitchens. At night when the sun goes down, you miss all that stuff so it's important to have the right lighting design in order to capture those features at night. I decided to install outdoor lighting because we have this big property and at night, it was a void. You could see nothing. There was nothing there to see. And we really wanted to enjoy the space at night. I had seen some other samples, kind of what people had done with their properties at night, and I thought "Wow, that would be so beautiful!" Offer or ask for a nighttime demonstration. You get to see your home in lights before you buy it, so that's a wonderful way to really understand what you're getting from the lighting design. Some people call it curb appeal. We also call it stunning illumination. A typical install for many of our guys is arriving to the home, the technicians arrive, they look at the lighting design and plan for the overall home, and they begin by trenching, connecting fixtures, connecting the transformer, putting a timer controller in, and you're off and running. When hiring a contractor, I think some important parts are good quality fixtures, a good warranty, and most importantly, two other things, a design, a proper design for the lighting system and then ongoing maintenance. Oh yeah, maintenance is so key to the right system year after year. Whether it's a special occasion or the celebration of a lifetime, with lighting like this, everyday is a staycation. While we're a full-service landscape lighting company, we also offer other services such as holiday lighting, commercial lighting, so we can light pretty much any property with different types of lighting as well. With this particular property, you get a real zen feeling when you sit out in the backyard or around the pool or even when you approach the house in your car. I want to be able to come out at night and just relax in a very peaceful, calm, quiet environment where I can see. What about safety? A well-lit home is a safer home. A well-lit home, from a safety standpoint, is important when you come down steps, making sure you have the proper light when walking down steps, maybe on the back deck. When you're traversing through a pathway, making sure you have the proper path lights to guide you where you need to go, so those are, from a safety standpoint, two of the best tips I can offer when it comes to safety with lighting. So are you ready to see how it all turned out? For more information about Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, visit and of course, visit us at