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Have Maintenance Performed on Your Columbia, SC Outdoor Lighting System Prior to the End of Daylight Saving Time

The carefree days of summer are over and the leaves are starting to turn color and fall from the trees. Do you know where they are landing? Most of them are in your yard ready for you and your rake, but a few of them are dropping into your outdoor lighting fixtures. Like every other system in your home and yard, Columbia outdoor lighting needs a certain amount of looking after to keep it in tip-top working condition. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia’s systems are designed and installed to be low maintenance, but they live and work outside and require a touch of TLC to do their jobs.

Frayed wiring

What should be done to maintain your outdoor lighting system this fall? It should be checked for any loose wiring or wire that has surfaced and needs to be re-buried. Leaves and branches may have fallen from trees doing damage great and small. If there was a lot of growth in your garden over the summer, some plants may need to be trimmed or fixtures moved to accommodate the growth. While our high-quality LED bulbs last a long time, older halogen system may need a bulb change here and there. It’s important to be sure you are having them replaced with the right size and correct wattage and beam spread so that you continue to enjoy the lighting design that you have come to love.

So, when daylight saving time ends and you are changing the smoke detector batteries and calling the irrigation guy to come blow the water out of your system, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia a call to do a quick evaluation of your outdoor lights. We can get your system in shape for the upcoming season. You can reach us by calling (803) 274-6115. We look forward to hearing from you soon!