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Explore the Many Facets of Exterior Home Lighting Around Cayce, SC

When you hear the words, “exterior home lighting,” what does that bring to mind? Do you get one image, ormore than one? Are you seeing an entire slide show? You should be, because exterior home lighting in Cayce, SC, can mean more than one thing. Let’s take a look around.

Architectural Lighting Shows Off Every Angle of Your Home’s Façade

Is your home all on one story or is it a lofty two-story abode? Either way, you have a lot to be proud of. Every home in Cayce, SC, should be treated like the queen lives within. Maybe she does! Let’s show off that home you work hard to provide and maintain.

Exterior House Lighting

When we say architectural lighting shows off every angle, we mean every nuance and each little nook and cranny, and the effect is beautiful! The play of light across your home will enhance some points and send others into a slight shadow, creating texture where the scene would otherwise appear flat.

Our professional outdoor lighting designers have techniques—we’ll call them “tricks of the trade”—ways to use each kind of outdoor lighting fixture to achieve specific effects. Often we shine a light that’s pointed up along the front of your home, but not too bright! We aren’t going to shine lights into your windows and keep you awake at night. We use a gentle wash of light that’s subtle but just firm enough to make an impression.

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Curb Appeal Lighting Puts Your Home on the Map

Okay, we’re venturing a bit into landscape lighting here, and that’s another one of our specialties, but today we’re looking at it through the lens of exterior home lighting. When you think of curb appeal, that’s usually in the daytime, and it’s often in the context of putting a house up for sale. Why save curb appeal just for the daylight, and why save it for the “For Sale” sign? We believe your home should exude curb appeal all the time.

When your exterior home lighting includes a bit of landscape lighting, you can have curb appeal day and night. Your neighbors are still out and about after dark. Let your home be a beacon for the neighborhood that says, This is a great place to live. You, too may be out and about after dark. Don’t you want to come home to a well-lit house with a cheerful entryway instead of that dark and dismal house of olden days?

Welcome Lighting Greets Your Guests Faithfully

Remember that saying, “We’ll leave the light on for you”? That was a great idea, wasn’t it? With exterior home lighting, you can welcome friends and family when they arrive at your home for dinners, cookouts and Super Bowl parties. If you have guests arriving from out of town, and they’ve been driving so long they’re bleary-eyed, imagine how grateful they’ll feel when they pull up to a cheerfully-lit home. Don’t hold back! Let your exterior lighting welcome them with open arms.

Be Sure to Include Your Outdoor Living Spaces When You Think of Exterior Home Lighting in Cayce, SC

Finally, let’s take a look at exterior lighting around the back of your home. If you have a deck, patio or pool, exterior home lighting can transform those areas at night and turn them from forgotten-after-dark to let’s-spend-more-time-outside-again-tonight! Those areas called outdoor living spaces are your favorite part of your home sometimes—why not all the time? Our clients who add outdoor lighting to a deck, patio or pool area tell us that right away they start spending a lot more time out there. It’s your outdoor living space, use it all you can!

If you enjoy entertaining on your deck or patio, you’ll find your entire evening is more enjoyable when you add some lighting at the back of your home. It might be deck or patio lighting or maybe lights for the pool and cabana. Task lighting makes your outdoor kitchen a little more user-friendly after dark, and don’t get us started talking about the beauty of exterior lighting focused on your outdoor fireplace or water feature. Your back yard is where you can kick back and relax. Let our professional lighting designers design an exterior lighting plan with a few strategically-placed fixtures to enhance the area at night. It won’t look like the SC State Fair has arrived, we promise.

Exterior House Lighting

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the most trusted outdoor lighting company in Cayce, SC, and surrounding areas, call us today at (803) 274-6115. We look forward to hearing from you soon!