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The Difference in Long Island Outdoor Lighting is the Design

Have you even driven by one of the hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Long Island residences at night and were mesmerized at the beauty of their outdoor lighting? The way it makes all the structural elements of the home pop, the textures and colors within the landscape vibrant, or the way the holiday lighting immediately puts you in a festive mood? If being able to generate these same feelings when others drive by your home at night may seem out of reach Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island wants you to know, it isn’t. We know all the secrets to creating a beautiful outdoor lighting design. And, we can easily make your home as breathtaking to all who pass it at night as the designs that you admire.

Many can offer to install outdoor lighting and put fixtures in the ground, as many can attempt build an addition to a home or handle repairs on a car. However, something as important as enhancing your home, which for most homeowners is their single biggest investment, should not be left to a notice. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island we apply proven outdoor, architectural, and landscape lighting design principles that bring harmony, safety, security and a lot of beauty to your property.

Exterior House Lighting

The comprehensive custom planning of your home’s exterior illumination. The artful use of special outdoor lighting techniques and effects. The consistent illumination we achieve through the subtle and well-orchestrated placement of our exceptional outdoor light fixtures delivers professional results that can match every taste, budget and architecture. It all adds up to striking illumination effects that enhance your home and extends the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.

Exterior House Lighting

We use light to create and define the unique features of your property in various dimensions. To truly create beautiful lighting, we must consider the existing elements as any designer would – light, shadow, perspective, color, line, texture – and transcend them into a unique outdoor lighting design just for you.

As every home is unique, the only true way to envision the warm, rich glow of our illumination effects is with our lighting designer at your residence. As we tour your property together, a mutual sharing of needs and outdoor lighting ideas for beautification, functionality, and safety will help us create the perfect design plan picture just for you. Dennis and Amy Dowling have been providing outdoor lighting designs to Long Islanders for 15 years and we strive to treat each of our clients like they are our one-and-only.

Water Feature and Landscape Lighting

While we’re together, we’ll discuss what you’d like your new lighting to accomplish… what features you’d like to accentuate… and what mood you’d like to set. We’ll then create a comprehensive lightscaping design for all areas of your property. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at (631) 250-8134 or email us at We serve all of Long Island including Nassau County, Suffolk and the Hamptons.