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It's time to start thinking about your outdoor lighting timer

It is almost that time again! Daylight Savings Time (DST) officially begins on Sunday, March 12th. For many Long Islanders, this also means the arrival of setting, configuring and coordinating all your electronic devices to correspond with the change. If you count yourself among the many Long Island area homeowners that have to dig out their timer manuals and attempt to figure out how to compensate for the seasonal change in light by pushing a series of buttons and turning dials you know how much of a hassle it can be.

We Can Help!

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island we install a Lighting Control Automation (LCA) timer that eliminates these headaches on all our new systems. With LCA you can set it once and can forget. Banish the problem of having to recall how to set your timer, and keep things simple and easy. Our LCA timers keep everything on track so your family continues to have a properly lit home and landscape that adjusts ITSELF no matter what the time change is, or any differences daylight to dusk. There is no need to waste unnecessary power on outdoor lighting when it’s not needed, which saves you on energy costs too!

Pathway Lighting

Still using a manual timer? No worries…

With our simple to use LCA timers, you can fully control how when your lights come on and go off when you want, or the timer can be set to automatically change based on the available ambient light. You can choose to have either have full control or let the system do all the work.

Pathway Lighting

If you don’t have an LCA timer on your system, don’t worry as Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island can install one for you. If you currently have a manual timer on your existing outdoor lighting system, we can switch you over so you get all the benefits.of this newer technology. You can eliminate the pain of having to remember how to reset your manual timer as the days get shorter or longer because our timers simply adjust automatically. The safety and security of your property remain intact because your timer is always doing what it should and no one has to walk or drive onto a dark property. Our LCA timers are so customizable that you can set it any way you want to fit how you live. It always makes your home looked lived in even if no one is home or if you are on vacation. It’s perfect for a second home where the appearance of it being lived-in is critical.

Let us convert you out-of -date manual effortless lighting control automation. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island at (631) 250-8134 or via email at to learn more!