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Bringing Your Germantown Home Increased Beauty and Safety After Dark With Outdoor Lighting

As you, most likely, sit at home and search for your next home improvement project, consider professionally-designed-and-installed outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting serves two major purposes for your home at night. First, it bring your home to life with increased depth and texture that would otherwise go unnoticed once the sun sets. Second, it brings added safety and security to your home come nightfall. We are currently offering virtual outdoor lighting design consultations upon request. Call today at (901) 446-0688.

front of a Germantown house lit with outdoor lighting

We have been designing and installing outdoor lighting in Germantown, TN, and surrounding areas for more than two decades. There’s a very good reason we are still in business. We offer unrivaled outdoor lighting design and expertise, as well as luxurious brass and copper lighting fixtures. Furthermore, we do so at an incredible price point. It’s for this reason we’re one of the most trusted outdoor lighting companies in Germantown.

The true hallmarks of a professional outdoor lighting designer are to perfectly mesh both practical illumination with aesthetic illumination. Knowing where to place fixtures, as well as which type of fixture or which lumens level to utilizing in different locations is something learned over years of experience. We can safely say that, in over 20 years of installing outdoor lighting systems, no two system installations are ever the same. Each and every outdoor lighting system we install is completely custom-designed for your home and your home alone.

a house with lots of plants and trees illuminated by OLP

Bring your home added curb appeal after dark and make it more safe and secure, too! Again, practicality and aesthetic application will ensure your home looks gorgeous at night and will make it less inviting for would-be intruders. Did you know that a well-lit home is much less likely to be targeted than a non-well-lit home on the very same street? With your home and lawn awash in illumination after dark, there’s no place for criminals to hide.

We take our time to understand your goals and objectives for the appearance and use of your outdoor lighting system. We will cover the layout with you, in-depth, and work with you every step of the process. So, no matter how complex your outdoor lighting system dreams are, you can count on Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis to bring them to reality.

To request a free outdoor lighting design consultation, whether in-person or virtually, call us today at (901) 446-0688 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!