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Premier Deck Lighting in Germantown, TN

Once nighttime arrives, does your deck become a dark, dull and uninviting area of your home? You more than likely invested quite a bit of money in your deck, so why allow nighttime’s arrival to take that away from you? If you’d like to be able to sit on and enjoy your deck for as long into the evenings as you’d like, consider professionally-designed-and-installed deck lighting in Germantown, TN. For your free consultation, in-person or completely virtual, call us today at (901) 446-0688.

outdoor backyard deck lighting and illumination

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis has been designing and installing custom outdoor lighting systems for over two decades in the Greater Memphis area. We specialize in creating custom-tailored deck lighting that will add both safety and beauty to your deck after dark. Furthermore, we offer a 100% free, no-obligation outdoor lighting design consultation. We have been and remain Germantown’s most trusted outdoor lighting company.

Imagine being able to sit down and enjoy a nice dinner with your family by way of subtle, yet practical, elegant illumination. We know that different areas of your deck will require different levels of illumination. For example, your grilling area may require more focused illumination so you can see what you’re cooking and the level of doneness. Additionally, your dining area may require a little more subtle illumination for the desired ambiance. Outdoor lighting is a lifestyle choice – it will allow you to dictate how long you can use your deck after nighttime arrives as opposed to the alternative.

back yard deck and patio lighting

In addition to the added beauty, custom deck lighting can also bring added safety to your deck at night. Think about the steps and handrails on your deck. Once nighttime arrives, those steps or stairs may become a tripping or falling hazard. With just a few carefully placed, subtle, downlighting fixtures, your deck’s steps will become 100% visible after dark. Cascading subtle illumination down your deck’s stairs and handrails will ensure you eliminate virtually all tripping and falling hazards on your deck after dark.

back yard deck and patio lighting

We believe you should be able to enjoy your Germantown deck or patio no matter what time of day it is. If you’d like to find out how custom-designed deck lighting can extend your home’s outdoor living space’s usability at night, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis today at (901) 446-0688 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!