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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Launches New Recruitment Site

As the leading outdoor lighting franchise, we are excited to announce our new franchise recruitment website:! This new site will help those interested in investing in a franchise evaluate whether or not Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the right choice for them.

The recruitment site is broken out into 5 categories. The first is the “About You” section. In this section, the reader will evaluate their current position with respect to their life goals, why franchising is a good avenue to achieve those professional and personal goals and lastly a quick guide to check if OLP is right for you. This particular page asks a series of questions to check if a landscape lighting franchise is something that you would find interesting and engaging.

The second section of the website is “About Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.” Here the reader will learn all about us and our parent company, Outdoor Living Brands. These four pages will illustrate our market leadership, our residential, commercial and holiday business model and customer service. Here you can read testimonials from our clients throughout the system.

A big part of franchising is the training and support that our franchisees get, and it doesn’t stop with initial training. Each one of our franchisees has a corporate staff here that they can reach out to whenever they need help. The “Training and Support” section of teaches the reader about all of the franchise support that they would receive if they invest in an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise. My favorite page is the last: Franchisee Validation. Here you hear straight from our franchisees’ mouths how they feel about Outdoor Lighting Perspectives!

We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives understand that a franchise is a big investment, that’s why we included an “Available Markets & Investment Considerations” portion to the website. Here we discuss the basic costs of the franchise as well as some of the sales numbers as explained in Item 19 of our franchise disclosure document.

Section 5 is titled “Next Steps” and explains the Franchise Discovery Process, from a detailed overview our business model through signing your franchise agreement.

And for those current business owners who are looking to diversify their business, we have a page dedicated to some of our most frequently asked questions. There is a video from some of our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives support staff discussing how OLP can help grow an existing business through its new and recurring sales process too! is a great tool to introduce Outdoor Lighting Perspectives as a business opportunity. If you are interested in learning more about our landscape and outdoor lighting franchise, please spend some time on this new recruitment site.