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Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Memorial Day Party

Memorial Day, the kickoff to barbecue season, is just a few days away. The long weekend is a great excuse to get together with friends and have a cookout in the yard, play games and have a few drinks. At OLP, we are happy to offer outdoor lighting ideas for any occasion, and this isn’t any different. Here are some fun ideas for your Memorial Day get-together:

Considered by many as a holiday lighting product, outdoor string lights are so versatile that they can be used all year. The most common way to use string lights is to string them along the railing of a deck or up in the branches of the trees, but there is more you can do. Placing them in large lanterns is a great way to provide additional lighting to the space, but it is still beautiful. If you don’t have lanterns, they can also be placed in empty wine bottles (seeing the labels backlit can be really fun).

If you want something more patriotic, you can still use string lights. Find some red, white and blue cups (small plastic or paper cups work well), cut a small hole in the bottom and place the bulb through it. It’s an easy way to incorporate any colors into an outdoor space. If you don’t have string lights, a lot of party supply stores usually carry paper lanterns in a variety of colors. Hanging red, white and blue ones would look lovely in any outdoor living space.

Personally, candles are my go-to when I need additional lighting while entertaining outdoors. You can never go wrong with a bunch of candles of different sizes in the middle of a table. If needed, adding something to the table around the candles will give it the extra something special. This weekend, I purchased some simple red, white and blue stars that I’ll place around the table. The candlelight will reflect beautifully of them for a shimmery finish.

My first concern when entertaining outdoors is the safety of my guests. My deck has a few steps that lead down to a low to grade patio. After our first outdoor entertaining experience and almost dropping a plate full of food on the ground, I knew that the steps needed additional lighting. We had outdoor deck lighting installed on the steps and in a few places around the deck. We also added some path lights around the patio so that it wasn’t lost in the darkness. It not only helps us and our guests see where they are stepping, but it also keeps the party outside!

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our goal is to create custom outdoor lighting solutions that work for your space and how you use it. If someone spends a lot of time outdoors and hosts outside, their lighting system will be different than the person who just wants the front of their home lit, but in both cases it works for them. A good outdoor lighting design understands how the space is used.

If you are interested in learning more about outdoor lighting and how it can enhance your outdoor living space and property, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!