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Outdoor Lighting Tips to Create a Beautiful Lightscape

At OLP, we pride ourselves on designing beautiful outdoor lighting systems that highlight all the best parts of the property. When creating a design, there are certain areas and effects that we are careful to include or careful to avoid.

We make sure to design with…

An even wash of light. I remember when I first started with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and was taken on a tour of examples of good and bad outdoor lighting. There was one home on that tour that had two lights in the front of the home that highlighted a quarter of the front façade. It made no sense. When lighting the front of a home, it is important to have an even wash of light across the entire façade, otherwise it looks disjointed.

LED home lighting

Avoid outdoor lighting designs with…

Light in the eyes. I have to admit, my mom made this mistake around the holidays at our house growing up. She felt the house needed more light and would shine a spotlight on the house. The light was placed in the front yard, right off the walkway. The house, I must say, looked beautiful, but when guests were leaving, they would be completely blinded by the light, causing a safety concern. This can also happen when lights are place right underneath windows. The light coming in can blind people who look out the windows.

Too many lights. This is a very common mistake. We’ve all seen the walkways and driveways that almost resemble an airport runway with the amount of lights on the side. If you have great outdoor lighting fixtures, this isn’t an issue. Take a walkway for example, just a few path lights should provide enough lighting to illuminate the entire space.

At OLP, outdoor lighting is all that we do; it’s our passion. We understand that no two outdoor lighting systems are the same. Each property require different design and installation techniques, fixtures, etc. If you would like to discuss outdoor lighting for your home and property, please reach out to your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office. Our trained designers will work with you to create the perfect lightscape for you.