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Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Your patio is your personal outdoor oasis. If you’re like me, you enjoy reading a book or sipping a glass of wine outside. It’s the perfect place to relax outside, but if you want to get more time outdoors, you may just want to consider adding some patio lighting.

Not all lighting is created equal, so here are some outdoor patio lighting ideas for you.

If you have retaining walls throughout your outdoor space, they are a great place to install some lights. Most lights on retaining walls are installed so they point downward, illuminating both the wall and the patio. It will light portions of the space and add color and texture.

Normal down deck lights may not work if the entire space is low to the ground. For those spaces, we install path lights around the patio. Path lights provide a great spread of light and depending on the bulb, height and fixture, only a few should be sufficient to light the entire space.

While deck and path lights are the most traditional outdoor patio lighting, there are some modern options as well. LED rope lighting is a unique way to highlight all the angles and curves of a patio. Rope lighting are LED bulbs that are inside tubing. One of the reasons why is has been a great option is that they are available in multiple colors. Take a look at this rope lighting and how it highlights this outdoor kitchen.

The key to a great patio lighting design is for it properly light the space, highlight the homeowners’ favorite features and to complement the overall design of the space. When the system is designed well, it will be one of the most inviting spaces of the home.

If you have questions on patio lighting, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.