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Where to Start with Outdoor and Landscape Lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting, it doesn’t have to be installed all at once. For our clients who have large properties, it’s common to do sections of the property at different times. You may start with the backyard and then move to the front, or vice versa. We are often asked if there are areas that we suggest to pay particular attention to towards the beginning of a project and for safety and security concerns and there definitely are.

Stairs. When they aren’t properly lit, stairs can be a safety hazard at night. A friend or family member can easily take a step incorrectly and injure themselves on just one stair. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we suggest that stairs are properly lit wherever they are on the property. On decks and patios, we often use step lights on the step itself or deck lighting that shines down on the stair. If you have steps near your front door, we may suggest path lighting or another lighting application.

porch lighting

Entrances. Personally, I don’t like to stand outside a doorway in the dark, nor do I like to look outside and not be able to tell who is waiting on my front stoop. Adequate outdoor lighting will not only make you feel more safe and secure, but also your guests. Not to mention, well lit homes are less likely to be broken into. While my mind always goes to the front door, we would suggest having any door that leads into your home well lit.

Paths and Walkways. When walking outdoors at night, it is easy to step on a rock, stick or other object and twist an ankle or, worse yet, fall. Path and walkways lighting is the best way to ensure that people can see where they are stepping. It also provides a clear path for visitors, allowing you to guide them throughout the property.

Around Pools and Water Features. Pool deck lighting is an absolute must. Yes, for safety concerns, it is important to have, but it also keeps the space usable at all times. You don’t want people to leave your poolside oasis just because the sun has gone down! Path lights and down lights are great options for poolside lighting.

If you have questions on outdoor lighting design and how it can increase the safety and security of your property, please reach out to your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office. One of our trained designers is sure to create a system that is both beautiful and functional.