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Deck Life Doesn’t End at Sunset—Asheville Deck Lighting Gives You More Time Outdoors

Life doesn’t get much better than this: sitting on your deck in the Asheville area, watching the seasons change, noticing that temperatures aren’t dropping quite as much now … but wait. It’s evening, you’re sitting out on the deck with friends, it starts to get dark, the sun drops, you can’t see their faces … do you go inside?

Deck with lighting

There’s no reason to go inside after sunset if you just add deck lighting to your favorite “room” of the house. Asheville deck lighting is an idea whose time has arrived! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western North Carolina can install just the right amount of lighting on and around your deck so you can see the faces of the friends with whom you’re talking at night. Don’t go inside. Don’t send your guests home. Enjoy your time on the deck—especially now with summer on the way!

2 Reasons Why You Need Asheville Deck Lighting Now

We’ve already introduced the social reason you need deck lighting. You’ll be amazed at how much more use you get out of your deck when you’re able to turn on some soft lights outside. No more awkward moments when you start to move the gathering inside and instead the party breaks up for the night. Deck lighting can increase family time outdoors, too. No need to carry cooked food inside from the grill. With deck lighting you can enjoy your meal outdoors AND see what you’re eating!

The second reason you definitely need deck lighting is for safety. If you light candles so you can linger on the deck after dark, you may think you can see your way, but those shadows are tricky in flickering candlelight. Why risk someone falling or missing a step on the deck stairs? Lack of light can quickly become a safety issue.

Patio with lighting

Variety of Deck Lighting Options

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western North Carolina will not bring a floodlight to your deck. We use high-quality LED deck lights made to cast gentle, ambient light while adding safety for your family and guests. We can design your Asheville deck lighting to illuminate stairs and railings with a soft glow that is just right for your safety and your outdoor entertaining needs. Deck lights are made to be installed right into your deck. Downlights are tucked under railings, tiny lights are embedded in stair risers – our deck lights will look like part of the original deck design. We can also illuminate the perimeter of your deck. If you have shrubs lining the sides of your deck, landscape lighting angled up from the base of shrubs will serve triple duty as deck lighting, safety lighting and landscape lighting all in one. For more festive occasions, or to make every night festive, ask us about our permanent, year-round LED string lights!

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western North Carolina, we offer creative, custom, deck lighting to take your outdoor living space to the next level. Call today to schedule a design consultation. (864) 475-9200

Asheville Patio Lighting Creates
Magical Nights for Every Occasion

Deck and fire pit with specialty lighting

Outdoor living trends continue to grow and transform. The most sticky trend of late is taking every effort to take the comforts of indoors out. Accomplishing this on your Asheville patio can mean buying comfy patio furniture, adding a shade structure such as a pergola, and even installing an outdoor television! Along with the desire to spend more time on the patio, emerges the must-have lighting of 2018: patio lighting!

Professional Patio Lighting Design

Designing the greatest patio lighting is all about you! Our expert lighting team will listen, tour your patio, take measurements, and listen some more. Our goal is to create the vibe and function you desire for however you use your patio space.

Our custom patio lighting design might include festive lighting for entertaining. This creates a funtastic vibe for Friday nights or a romantic feeling for dinner-for-two. No matter the occasion, these overhead globe lights are sure to create magic on your patio after dark.

Outdoor kitchen lighting is a definite must for cooking nightly dinner outdoors or hosting a large summer barbecue.

Hardscape lighting is perfect for your vertical and horizontal stone and paver features. We have lights that integrate right in, taking the place of an existing stone. We also have gorgeous LED hardscape lights that are perfect for underneath capstones and countertops for an ambient glow.

Landscape lighting surrounding your patio might just be all you really need. Enough light for visibility and ambiance, while not detracting from the joy that is relaxing on your backyard patio at night.

Outdoor deck with specialty lighting

Patio lighting is not a one-size-fits-all big box solution. You invested in creating an outdoor haven for outdoor living, go with a custom patio lighting system for the cherry on top. Our LED patio lights are copper and brass and will outlast anything you can do yourself while looking better in the process. Best of all, they come with a warranty and a year of service, so you’ll never have to worry about a thing.

Call today (864) 475-9200 to schedule your complimentary design consultation and nighttime demonstration.

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