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Asheville LED Outdoor String Lighting

The hottest trend in Asheville outdoor living in 2017-2018 is outdoor lighting. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western N.C., we have a variety of lighting that will create the ultimate outdoor scene, but for the second year in a row, the hands-down favorite is permanent LED string lighting. You may know them as market lighting, bistro lighting, festival lighting, cafe lighting, or another moniker. Whatever you call them, their effect is the same. They create a stunning atmosphere that can only be felt not explained.

Decorative Outdoor String Lighting

Asheville Outdoor Entertaining

You have the screened porch, the patio or deck of your dreams. Your Asheville or Hendersonville outdoor living space is decked out to the nines so you can enjoy every free moment in the great outdoors. With a moderate winter and lengthy spring and fall, outdoor living is what Asheville life is all about. Your family and friends enjoy your outdoor space and all that it has to offer, but you just can’t seem to nail down the vibe you’ve been trying to achieve. You’ve tried outdoor rugs, pillows, umbrellas, and nothing seems to be doing the trick.

Outdoor String Lighting Over Patio

Whether you’ve seen it at a local restaurant, on a tv show or in a dream, it hits you; LED string lights are what you need. NOT Christmas lights, but the ones with the bigger bulbs. The round bulbs you might see at a special event or carnival. That is what you need!

Permanent LED Café Lighting

Café lighting is this year’s hottest trend because it creates a feeling that is part nostalgia, part modern design and 100% fun loving. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western N.C, we offer the best quality permanent, customized LED café lighting. We’ll design and install the lighting to make sure you get the results of your dreams. And best of all, you don’t have to take them down. They are made for permanent outdoor use. And with the stunning mountain views in Asheville, you’re going to want them to remain up for those impromptu evenings on the patio all year long.

Commercial Festive Lighting

Our LED string lights are custom designed and installed. They are of such high quality that they are most often sought after for commercial use. You’ll enjoy seeing them at your favorite local restaurant on the dining patio or outside your favorite cafe. They create a cool vibe for any business that relies on a fantastic customer experience to bring clients coming back again and again.

If your home or business could benefit from the instant fun provided by permanent LED string lighting, give us a call today. We’ll start with a design consultation and figure out the best lighting for your needs. (864) 475-9200

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