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Exquisite Asheville Landscape Lighting Design, Installation & Maintenance

Do you sweat, toil, and spend all weekend grooming, fertilizing, and creating a gorgeous landscape at your Asheville or Hendersonville home? Whether it is shrubbery like rhododendrons and azaleas, anchor trees like oaks and maples, ornamental trees such as crape myrtles and magnolias, your flowering perennials and annuals, or hardscapes and landscape accessories — your gorgeous landscape needs to be seen day and night. With Asheville’s best landscape lighting – you’ll enjoy the magic of your landscaping in the evenings when the sun sets over the Blue Ridge mountains.

Landscape Lighting for Your Entire Property

When we talk about Asheville landscape lighting, we are really referring to anything on your property, outside of your home that could benefit from beautiful illumination. Read below to get some inspiration for your impending landscape lighting system:


One of the most popular fixtures and effects, path lighting is a perfect way to guide guests and visitors to your front door or around your property. Landscape lighting is versatile, providing a lovely illumination of nearby plants and hardscapes, making it a go-to lighting technique for your flower beds and landscape beds.

Pathway with lighting


Weeping willow with specialty lighting

Your trees anchor your entire landscape design. With just the right lighting on just the right trees, we create lovely points of interest around your property for nighttime enjoyment. Imagine an uplight shining to the highest branch of your favorite maple tree or a gentle wash of light to the outer reaches of your hydrangea trees lovely canopy.


Big or small, flowers or shrubs, your garden is the perfect focal point for your landscape lighting design. Garden lighting brings out the deep greens of your foliage, the brightest reds of your rose bushes, and the rainbow of colors seen throughout your annual plantings. If you love your garden, let it show with brand new garden lighting.

Garden Lighting for Shrubbery

There is nothing like an Azalea or Rhododendron in full bloom. If you work hard to keep the fertilizer on schedule, pull weeds and keep your flowering shrubs watered, you quite likely want to enjoy every minute they are in bloom. With the perfect garden light, we can highlight your favorite shrubs with a gentle glow that makes them mystical and lovely day and night.

Garden Lighting for Pathways

The intricate winding paths that lead to or throughout your garden are an essential part of the overall effect. Without lighting, those paths disappear under the cover of night. Path lights are one of our favorite garden lights thanks to their versatility and beauty. With a soft wash across the ground, path lights will illuminate each step you take so you can enjoy the entirety of your beautiful Asheville garden.

Garden lighting in flower bed

Garden Lighting for Flowers

No matter if it is spring annuals like tulips and daffodils, summer impatiens, or fall mums, all of your flowers deserve to be seen at night. The pinks are truer, the golds are deeper, and the reds more vibrant with LED garden lighting versus the harsh glare of the mid-day sun. With LED garden lighting, you’ll enjoy your flowers in a new way that can only be seen at night with just the right light.


Paths are not the only non-vegetation that makes up your landscape. From retaining walls to statues and fountains, your landscape is made up of so much more than the plants. With the perfect focal lighting technique, we’ll make sure your favorite water feature or statue is the star of the show!

Adding landscape lighting to your Asheville home can create a new magical wonderland for you to enjoy at night. When you entertain or are just enjoying a quiet night at home, you can let the gentle light transport you to another place and time where the world slows down and enjoys a little more nature a little more often. Call today for a free landscape lighting design demonstration at your home!

If you’re ready to illuminate your garden for nighttime enjoyment, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western NC for the best Asheville garden lighting design, installation, and service available. (828) 373-6887

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