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Landscape Lighting Highlights Your Spring Remodeling and Renovation Projects!

If you are planning a new landscape installation or amending your existing landscape, outdoor lighting will highlight your endeavors in the evening hours. Instead of watching those blooms and buds disappear at dusk, your landscape will glimmer in the moonlight with a welcoming and inviting feel like no other — improving curb appeal and functionality at the same time.

Exterior House Lighting

Unlike other companies, outdoor lighting is all we do. We are not about just fixtures; we are about the design and effect our landscape lighting delivers! We can gladly partner with your landscape designer, architects, builder or contractor to ensure your remodeling and renovation project shines in the evening. The key to gaining the most benefit from a lighting design is utilizing the experience and knowledge of a professional. A professional that knows which areas of your landscape are best for placement, which type of fixtures to use and even which trees and shrubs within your landscape make the best specimens for lighting.

Landscape Lighting

Imagine investing in new trees, plants, hardscapes, and outdoor structures only not to have the capacity to enjoy their benefits after the sun sets?! With Asheville landscape lighting you have it covered, that means you won’t ever miss a Saturday night barbecue on your new deck or patio, or the opening of bountiful blooms from your new shrubs, flowers or trees.

Improving the aesthetic of your home and landscape is easier than you may think. By simply adding professionally designed and installed landscape lighting you can increase the safety, security and curb appeal of your home and property dramatically — take a look…

Decorative Lighting Fixture
Backyard Lighting

As the outdoor living season as close at hand and many landscape improvement projects already underway we are reminded of the precious time spent outdoors among family and friends. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Western Carolina, we strive to make the time you and your family spend outdoors in the evening just as enjoyable as those during the day.

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