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Twenty-two years ago, our client purchased this beautiful historic church (constructed between the years of 1890 to 1894). Recently, the owner opened the facility as a full-service wedding event center—complete with church sanctuary, bridal suite, and interior/exterior reception space. The building’s outdoor space offers a panoramic view of downtown Denver.

Except for the festive lighting that the client had previously installed and a few exterior lights, this magnificent structure had been dark and invisible for its 130 years of existenace after the sun went down. The owner hired OLP to provide a custom lighting design that would allow the church to shine bright after dark. We specified 2700K, 40W Ozark floodlights to bring out the rich colors of the sandstone and Rhyolite stone. While there were a few setbacks with fixture placements constrained by the city's right of way, and not being allowed to mount any fixtures directly to the old stone and masonry, you would never be able to tell with an end result like this!