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Armed Forces Brewing Company, a veteran-owned craft brewery located in a bustling urban district, prides itself on offering high-quality brews and fostering a sense of camaraderie within the community. As a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, the brewery sought to enhance its nighttime visibility and ambiance to attract more patrons after dark.

The Challenge: Despite its excellent reputation and quality offerings, Armed Forces Brewery faced a visibility challenge after sunset. The lack of adequate outdoor lighting made it difficult for passersby to notice the brewery's location amidst the surrounding businesses, impacting foot traffic and overall brand exposure. The client recognized the need for a lighting solution that would not only illuminate the brewery's exterior but also align with its patriotic ethos and aesthetic appeal.

The Solution: Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (OLP) collaborated with the owner of Armed Forces Brewery to design and install a custom permanent roofline lighting system. Understanding the client's desire for a solution that would enhance visibility while reflecting their military heritage, OLP proposed this system that could provide warm white LED lights, or thousands of color-changing and animation options to make the brewery stand out after dark—all easily controlled with an app.Armed Forced Brewery Green Lighting

“We interviewed a lot lighting companies. Not one of them, except for OLP, had the strategy that we were looking for, the lighting systems we were looking for, the customer service we were looking for, [and] implementation time that we were looking for. But I'll tell you what, they had incredible ideas. They grasped our vision and our concept here, and that's what separated them from the rest of the pack. That's why we went with OLP.” – Alan Beal, CEO of Armed Forces Brewing Company

This permanent roofline lighting solution not only enhances the brewery's aesthetic appeal but also reinforces its commitment to serving the community with pride and distinction.

Armed Forces Brewery Warm White

Armed Forces Brewery Red Green White Lights