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Charleston Outdoor LED Lighting Services

Charleston house with LED palm tree lighting

What do you imagine when you think of LED lighting? Do you think of a blue-colored light? Do you imagine something akin to fluorescent lighting in a warehouse? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, several years ago, LED outdoor lighting wasn’t a good, viable option. The color rendering on older outdoor LED fixtures was sub-par, and we knew that. While other Charleston, SC companies were jumping at the chance to use the newest trend, we stuck with halogen, as we knew the effect was low quality. Now, fortunately, that’s changed in a major way. If you need anything from outdoor flood lights to decoractive string light, our experts are well equipt to help with our LEDs in hand!

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Modern LED Lights Available Near You!

The outdoor LED lighting fixtures used by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston are state of the art fixtures. Long gone are the days of “blue” LED lighting. Our low-voltage LED outdoor lighting fixtures cast a warm wash of elegant illumination that’s reminiscent of the amber appearance we’ve all come to know and love. In fact, our North Charleston lighting technicians can even customize the level of white or amber in the LED lighting fixture to your precise lighting, in order to match the other bulbs on your porch or patio.

What are the benefits of Upgrading to LED Lights?

Cost Effective

Beyond initial installation, may homeowners are hesitant to install an outdoor lighting system for fear that it will consume so much energy, their electric bills will double or more. When you install or upgrade to modern LED lighting, you will find that the lifetime cost on your energy consumption is quite reasonable. On average, or a 15 light system, many homeowners only see their energy bill increase by around $22 annually!

Environmentally Friendly Options

When you choose outdoor LEDs, you are not only choosing the cost effective choice for yourself, you are also going with the most environmentally friendly option as well! When you consume less energy, you are lessening you and your family's overall carbon footprint as well.

Patent-pending technology increases bulb life

We use only the highest quality LED outdoor lighting bulbs that are designed to last longer and provide your home and landscape with a gorgeous appearance after dark. In fact, our patent-pending LED outdoor lighting bulbs are designed so that the electronics are separated from the light source itself; thereby reducing the overall heat the LED light source is ultimately subjected to. Essentially, this will extend the already long life of the LED lighting bulb.

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OLP's are Among the few changeable LEDs available on the Market

Charleston outdoor LED lighting

LED outdoor lighting has seemingly always been more expensive than the halogen option. This explains the overabundance of halogen outdoor lighting systems. The primary reason for this is due to the fact that whenever a bulb failed on the LED fixture, the entire fixture had to be replaced. That’s no longer the case. We utilize drop-in outdoor LED lighting bulbs. This allows us to simply have to replace the bulb should a failure occur, rather than the entire fixture.

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