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About Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston

Get to know more about our Charleston Landscape Lighting team!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives was started over 20 years ago, and has had a presence in South Carolina for most of that time! After lighting up countless homes in Columbia, in 2013 Kenny Kaufman and Mike Thompson decided to expand their landscaping lighting company in Charleston as well!

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston is your local landscape lighting expert!

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston, earning an honest living and making our customers’ homes safer and more enjoyable in the evening are important to our entire Charleston team and a part of our mission. We’re excited to be a part of a business that allows us to provide a valuable service to our customers that both allows them to enjoy their outdoor space more and also gives them more peace of mind.

Columbia, SC home with exterior lighting system installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia

What makes Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston stand out from the rest?

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston focuses on being the best in our specific space rather than average in several services. We are the experts in outdoor lighting systems, making us stand out from your traditional landscapers and electricians. Because of our niche expertise, we are able to have a quick turnaround, but with a process that allows us to know our customer, provide attention to detail, and strive to be the best Outdoor Lighting Company in Charleston. Having spent the past 18 years mastering the craft and business of outdoor and landscape lighting, we have put great value on building ongoing relationships with our customers so they never have to worry or fuss with their lights ever again. One less thing on the “Honey Do” list!

Our Charleston Community

Why do our owners love Charleston?

"What I love about Charleston is that the natural untouched landscape is so beautiful. Lighting becomes more about looking at a picture of the scenic view. There are so many great trees, from palm, oak, crepe myrtle and then the marsh adds its own unique beauty. Those natural landscapes are breathtaking when lighted properly."
-Kenny Kaufman

Meet the Charleston Team!

Mike Thompson, Managing Owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston

After graduating in 2010 with a Masters degree in Criminal Justice, Mike moved to Columbia with the intention of getting into law school. He started working for Kenny as a laborer, helping out where he could to pay the bills. After about a year in the business, Mike did a home show and found a passion for talking to customers, and started doing more nighttime demos and adjustments. Like a duck to water, Mike fell in love with the design and happiness that lighting can give his customers. When he was promoted to Operations Manager Mike decided that a career in Law was not his true path. After 4 years in Columbia, Kenny and Mike joined forces to open Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston. With an impressive 10 years experience in the field of professional outdoor landscape lighting, Mike is proud to have made OLP into the best outdoor lighting company in Charleston and Myrtle Beach.

Kenny Kaufman, Owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston

Picture of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston Owner Kenny Kaufman

Kenny began his career as a day laborer for the Augusta, GA franchise of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives while also serving in the military as an Army Reserves Medic. At 19 years old he quickly moved up the ranks to Operations Manager. By 23 Kenny found his true calling, being a local business owner! He purchased a franchise from OLP and has been expanding his businesses ever since. Kenny handles the day-to-day management of the business, including marketing, sales, building key trade alliances, providing skilled labor (he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty), and managing 20 employees.

When he is not working, Kenny loves mentoring other young entrepreneurs, as well as serving on the board for the Columbia Executives and Owners Association, the franchise advisory Council for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, and the Customer service council for Mosquito Squad.

When Kenny isn’t busy with community involvement or one of his franchises, he enjoys spending times with his wife, Melissa, their two golden retrievers (Ace & Sophie), and his beautiful nieces. He also loves golf, travelling, and boating on Lake Murray.

More about our Field Technicians

In addition to our office team, we also have a wonderful group of impressive, reliable field technicians. Our dream team is made up of individuals who are C.O.L.T. Certified, sales knowledgeable, and provide exceptional customer service to our Charleston neighbors. They are always ready to go above and beyond!

What is a C.O.L.T. Certification?

This is an OLP-specific certification developed by OLP owners (including Kenny) to ensure all field technicians are the most knowledgeable, reliable, and prepared for any outdoor lighting service in Charleston!

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