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Bring the Magic of Moonlighting Outdoor Lighting Charleston, SC, to Your Yard

Entrancing might be the best way to describe moonlighting, a favorite residential outdoor lighting technique that will turn your yard into a storybook setting.

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When you think of moonlight filtering through the trees, the effect is gentle and alluring. The problem is the moon is only that bright for several days each month, and if cloud cover sets in, you won’t see anything. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston is here to bring you moonlighting 365 days a year, and sometimes 366.

Residential yard with moonlighting

We call this outdoor lighting technique moonlighting because it mimics moonlight in the way it shines down through the trees. Our outdoor lighting designer will meet with you to take a look at which of the trees in your yard might be the best candidates for moonlighting. Ideally, you would have at least one in the front yard and one in the back yard. Then your neighbors can enjoy it when they pass your home, you can enjoy it when you return home each evening and the family can enjoy it when you spend time together outdoors.

How do we create the stunning effect of moonlighting?

Our lighting technicians will place light fixtures approximately 35 feet up in your tree(s) and point them to shine down onto the ground below. The light filters through branches and leaves with amazing effects. The result is a subtle yet pleasant glow at ground level. The soft glow of moonlighting will cover approximately a 25-foot radius. If you have more trees nearby, we can arrange moonlighting over a larger area.

Where will you best use moonlighting?

Front yard or back yard? For maximum enjoyment of moonlighting outdoor lighting Charleston, SC, we say both! This technique is too great to use just once. When you see the results, you will be searching for more trees to participate.

In the front yard, moonlighting can increase nighttime curb appeal and be part of the warm welcome you extend to your guests and a gentle “hello” to passing neighbors. On a more practical level, moonlighting is an excellent way to light your driveway at night. Drivers will appreciate that there is no harsh spotlight shining in their eyes as they pull into the driveway or back out. You will appreciate that you no longer have light fixtures getting run over on the ground along the edge of your driveway.

In the back yard, moonlighting will bring a magical and romantic ambiance to your patio, deck or pool areas. As light filters through the trees, the natural interplay of light and shadow will lie quietly on still evenings and then dance when there’s a breeze about. The shadows of leaves and branches will weave a story on the ground below.

Residential yard with moonlighting

Not only will moonlighting create this magical effect, it will also increase your family’s safety by providing illumination so you can see where you are going when you cross the yard or walk from the driveway toward the house.

Would you like a demonstration of the moonlighting effect?

If you’re not yet certain that moonlighting is right for your yard, we are happy to provide a no-obligation nighttime demonstration at your home. After our initial (free) lighting design consultation, we will bring light fixtures to your home and set them up a little before sunset. Then, when darkness falls, we will turn on the lights so you can see the dramatic effects of moonlighting. You will see what it’s going to look like before you commit to a full installation. Where else can you get an offer like that?

Outdoor child's play area with moonlighting

To find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can bring moonlighting, outdoor lighting to your yard, call us today at (843) 874-6794. We look forward to hearing from you soon!