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Landscape Lighting in Kiawah Island, SC, Brings Paradise to Life at Night

No place on earth is more suited for landscape lighting than the Low Country of South Carolina, especially beautiful Kiawah Island. If your Kiawah property has even one palm tree, one stand of ornamental grasses or one live oak, you absolutely must have landscape lighting installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston.

Gate and pathway with lighting

Landscape lighting in Kiawah Island, SC, is the icing on the cake, and what is a cake without icing? When the sun goes down, your property can either go dark or it can become a dramatically beautiful place where professionally-designed outdoor lighting works its magic.

The Beauty and Function of Landscape Lighting in an Island Setting

One of the awesome things about landscape lighting is that it serves two purposes simultaneously. It enhances the beauty of your yard while it also increases safety and security around your home. With landscape lighting, you’re getting two for one every time the sun sets.

Illuminating the Island’s matchless beauty

Gently illuminating any landscape element at night reveals its beauty and lifts it up out of an otherwise dark setting. That would be true even for the simplest shrub. So when you take the amazing landscape that flourishes here at Kiawah Island and enhance it with landscape lighting, you make the beautiful even more beautiful—if that is even possible. It is possible, and it happens here every night.

Palm trees and pathway with lighting

Professionally designed and installed landscape lighting will use subtle illumination in key areas around your property in a way that culminates in a stunning display. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston will use just the right lighting techniques and fixtures to bring out the best of your gardens, your focus trees and any other elements you choose to feature. Our lighting designer will walk the property with you to determine where lighting can be used to the greatest effect.

Increasing the safety of your family and guests at night

When it’s dark out, the likelihood of tripping and falling increases, especially if your guests are not familiar with your property. With landscape lighting, we can light their way, so to speak, by using subtle path lighting along walkways. We’ll also illuminate shrubbery near the steps leading up to your home and steps to your deck to make every step safer.

Which is More Important, Landscape Lighting at the Front or Back of Your Kiawah Island Home?

From our point of view, the answer is, “Both.” It all depends on who your audience is. By audience, we mean who is going to see and appreciate—and enjoy—your landscape lighting the most, and where will they be, front or back?

Lighting in the front of your home shows off the landscape that’s visible from the street and driveway. Anyone passing will be impressed. We call this effect nighttime curb appeal. If other homes nearby are illuminated with landscape lighting, you certainly don’t want your home to be the one that is dark. If none of the nearby homes have installed outdoor lighting yet, let your home be the first and you will surely start a trend. The most beautiful street is one on which each landscape is illuminated at night.

Pool and water features with lighting

Landscape lighting in the back of your home is more for you. It gives you the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of your back yard and gardens after dark while it increases your family’s enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces. What’s a deck, patio or pool without lighting? Outdoor lighting in the parts of your yard that you want to use at night will give you many more hours to enjoy them. Whether you’re relaxing with the family or entertaining friends, landscape lighting is essential for squeezing in more time outdoors.

There is no need to let your beautiful Kiawah Island palms and live oaks hide away in darkness at night. Share the beauty of your landscape at night with everyone who passes by, but most importantly, enjoy it for yourself.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston is the most trusted landscape lighting company in Kiawah Island, SC, call us today at (843) 874-6794. We look forward to hearing from you soon!