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This Landscape Lighting Company in Mount Pleasant, SC, Knows the Scene

Mount Pleasant, SC, is brimming with beautifully-landscaped yards, and your property is probably one of those. Can you see the beauty of it at night, or does it go dark as if nobody lives there? If you don’t have professionally designed and installed landscape lighting at your Mount Pleasant home, we need to talk.

There are two groups who will appreciate your landscaping at night if it is properly illuminated: the people who pass by, and the people who live there (you). Why not do everyone a favor and let people—including you and your family—enjoy your beautiful landscaping at night?

Selecting Which Landscape Features to Illuminate

The most important key to landscape lighting is that we don’t illuminate everything at once. Your professional lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston will ask for your guidance in deciding what to illuminate. While it may seem overwhelming at first, we don’t mean that you have to figure it out by yourself. As lighting designers, we know what kinds of trees, shrubs and flowers can be lighted most effectively. We’ll confer with you to learn your favorite specimens. What trees or other plantings in your yard would you most like to see at night?

Home with landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting in Your Front Yard Produces Curb Appeal

As we look around at the landscape elements of your front yard, we’ll consider those from the point of view of someone on the street. Whether they’re driving by on their way home from work or taking an after-dinner stroll, your landscape lighting will make a huge impression. In the front yard you may have a few especially beautiful trees, whether those are palm trees, live oaks or something different. Any of those will show up beautifully with landscape lighting. The effect will be dramatic. You may choose to light additional items in the front yard as well, perhaps shrubs directly along the front of your home. Again, we want to be selective because a little bit of outdoor lighting makes a statement, and too much will lose effectiveness.

Backyard patio with landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting in Your Back Yard Is for Your Enjoyment

You deserve to enjoy the beauty of your outdoors after dark. If you can see your gardens from the back porch, deck or patio, by all means let’s wash some light over them for your enjoyment. We have several techniques of landscape lighting to use at your Mount Pleasant home, depending on the size and shape of what we’re lighting. If you have a tree with a broad canopy, we will angle a light to highlight the expanse of it. If you have a very tall tree with an interesting trunk, we’ll illuminate the trunk. If you have a tree over a patio or deck, we have a beautiful technique called moonlighting that would work well there. For moonlighting we install subtle lights among the tree branches and direct them to shine down through the leaves. The effect is dreamy and hypnotic. It actually looks like moonlight shining through the tree. If you have formal gardens or any kind of garden with a path, we’ll use path lighting to illuminate the plants as well as light the way so you can see where to walk.

Rock water feature with special lighting

Landscape Lighting Shows Off Water and Fire Features As Well

Ponds, fountains and any kind of water feature, fire feature or statue are brought to life at night with landscape lighting. Water features can delight the senses by combining the aural with visual stimulus for an entrancing experience. Even though you can see and hear water trickling into a pond in the daytime, too, at night it is a completely different experience when lighting enters the scene. And while you’d think outdoor fireplaces and fire pits don’t need illumination because they provide light, we would have to disagree. When an outdoor fireplace is not being used, it becomes a beautiful feature of your yard if enhanced with outdoor lighting. When you do build a fire, landscape lighting can help your guests cross the yard safely from the house to the fireplace. Finally, illuminating a statue or some other type of art in your yard provides a visual treat for you and your guests outdoors at night.

Bringing Ambiance to Your Outdoor Living Spaces

If you don’t yet have outdoor lighting to enhance your deck, patio or pool areas, well, you should. You may be surprised how much more use these outdoor living spaces will get if we add a little landscape lighting in the area. Not too much—just enough to create a pleasant and relaxing ambiance by illuminating plants around the patio, deck or pool. We’ll also use light to make your deck stairs a little safer.

Charleston Bridge

You may have gathered by now that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston is the landscape lighting company in Mount Pleasant, SC, you want to call for your lighting installation. We know Mount Pleasant and the entire Charleston area. We know the landscape features prevalent here. We’re local, and if you need any assistance after your installation, we’re only a phone call away.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston is the most trusted landscape lighting company in Mount Pleasant, SC, call us today at (843) 874-6794. We look forward to hearing from you soon!