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Whether It's a Special Event or Every Day's a Party, String Patio Lighting Is Required for Summer in Charleston

Do you agree with our clients who are saying, “We have GOT to get string patio lighting for our yard this summer!” Are you one of those who has always thought party lights, café lights, bistro lights—whatever you call them—signal “Fun, fun, fun!” to everyone passing by?

News flash: You don’t need a special event or special occasion to add string lighting to your deck or patio this summer.

Patio with string lighting

We want you to have fun with string patio lighting all summer long! Even better, all year! That’s right—our professional-grade LED string lighting does not have to come down when the celebration is over. These festive lights can stay up all year. They’re made to withstand any kind of weather, and the LED bulbs are ultra-long-lasting.

Where will you want string patio lighting this summer?

It’s your yard … you can have string lights anywhere you want them!! Front, side, back yard, as long as your Homeowners Association doesn’t have a problem with it, we don’t.

Whether you’re having a July 4th party or an outdoor wedding, you may want to have the string lighting installed over areas where tables will be arranged—food tables, beverage tables, dining tables, etc. In addition to conjuring up a festive atmosphere, these lights provide… you guessed it … illumination. You can see what you’re eating and drinking and who you’re speaking with. Imagine that! Seeing, outdoors, at night. Fun!

Will your party include music and dancing? String those lights over the dance floor to get the party started. Who can resist?

For an every-day festive atmosphere, how about string patio lighting around the perimeter of your patio, or crisscrossed above it? No patio? No problem. How about the deck? We love to drape the area over a deck with string lights that call out, “Here’s the fun place to be!” You can make every day a celebration with the right lights, expertly installed.

Don’t DIY! Be sure to call your string patio lighting company in Charleston, SC: Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston

You may see packages of string lighting in the hardware store, and you may think about putting these lights up yourself. Warning: you will not get the reliable and safe results doing this yourself that you’ll get when you hire a professional outdoor lighting company like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston. What’s so difficult, you may wonder? Call a friend, you may think. Is that friend insured? If an accident happens in your yard, will your homeowner's insurance cover the injuries? Accidents can happen.

You may start to install the lights and realize you need a fourth corner to hang the lights where there is none. You may have a tree here and the corner of your house there, and … wait … where will you attach the end of that last string?

Outdoor area with string lighting

Trust this job to a professional. Outdoor lighting is all we do. We design the outdoor lighting plan detailing where the strings of lights will be hung (safely). Our technicians will carry out the installation (safely). If you don’t have a tree or the corner of a building in the right place, we have the proper equipment to hang lights anywhere. We even bring our own ladders. We will not try to assist you with brain surgery or golf course design if you don’t try to hang outdoor lighting for us. It’s a deal.

Who is your string patio lighting company in Charleston, SC? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston, that’s who! We are the best company for the job. We know all the ins and outs, all the tricks of the trade. You won’t have to lift a finger.

To find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can design and install customized string patio lighting for your Charleston, SC home, call us today at (843) 874-6794. We look forward to hearing from you soon!