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Outdoor Lighting Installation inCharleston, SC

Check out our outdoor lighting before and after results from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives!

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1. Residental Home

Following the successful completion of their dream home's construction, this client recognized that outdoor lighting would serve as the perfect final touch for the exterior. Engaging the expertise of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, they opted for uplighting installation both at the front of the house and around the trees, extending it even to the backyard. The result is truly mesmerizing curb appeal, enhancing the beauty of their house.

charleston home before exterior lighting services charleston home after exterior lighting services

2. Bed & Breakfast:

After undergoing renovations and adding outdoor lighting, this once-overlooked Bed & Breakfast has become a popular destination for guests. The 17th-century brick building now radiates with brilliance, showcasing its beautiful circle drive and surrounding landscaping. In the back, we incorporated string lighting to accentuate the cozy fire pit, providing guests with a delightful and enchanting outdoor experience during the evenings.

charleston bed and breakfast before exterior lighting services charleston bed and breakfast before exterior lighting services

3. Curb Appeal

Illuminating your home is a wonderful method to elevate its nighttime charm. Beyond merely enhancing curb appeal, it also contributes to safety and security. What sets us apart is our dedication to accentuating the finest attributes of your home, elevating its overall appearance, and providing added security. Our expertise ensures that you receive custom designs, high-quality products, expert installation, and exceptional service, all backed by our Shine365 warranty. You can trust us to deliver an exceptional lighting experience that brings out the best in your home.

charleston home before outdoor lighting servicecharleston home after outdoor lighting service

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